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How to set up the player

How to set up the player

One of the components of good work multimedia player is fine-tuning.

It allows you to adjust the most convenient features and functionality of the program forward in the right direction. In the market of audio and video players it takes a leading place Widows Media Player product.

It includes support for many well-known audio and video formats, allows you to download artist information from the Internet and listen to your favorite radio station.

You will need

  • Software Windows Media Player 12 software.



When Windows Media Player 12 is started, specify the basic parameters that will determine the interaction of the player to the Internet. Also note the following:

Recommended parameters. Selecting this option will allow you to reset all the default settings. This option is suitable for those who are quite happy with the default settings.


Display information from the Internet about the contents of the media. This option allows you to display detailed information about the composition, including the album cover.

Automatically download the right to use whenplayback and file synchronization. This option is useful for those who do not want to make music that was copied to its disc was read on a different computer.


Store and display a list of recent and often playable files. Very comfortable setting. It allows you to open a list of your favorite songs that you listen to most often.

Use Windows Media Player by default. This option allows you to run your files through a player.

Also worth noting is that when you connectprogram to the Internet, it is not just downloads additional information about the track, including updating the metadata of the file, but also makes the update of the program, if such a possibility appears on the company's server.

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