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How to set up MMS to MTS


Now the operator MTS allows its subscribers to exchange MMS.

And to customize and delight their friends and family videos and photos, you need to know what operating system is on your phone.

Set up MMS to Android

Set up mms on the Android OS is very simple. To do this, go to your phone menu and click the option "Settings". Select the "Wireless Network", then go to "Access Points" section and create a new connection APN.

Set up MMS on iOS

This system is most often on the iPad and iPhone. To configure MMS settings sent to your phone go to menu, then in the settings, then "Basic" and "Network." Next, you should click on the "cellular network". Enter the access point (APN): mms.mts.ru, login and password - mts, proxy server - and port 8080.

Adjusting for other systems

For other devices, it is also required to find a sectionsettings. Locate the network and create a new connection. Prescribe the name, address, home page - http //: mmsc, data channel - GPRS, AP - mms.mts.ru, protocol The user name and password in either case mts.

MMS settings automatically

For automatic settings mms send sms-message to the number 1234. You can call 0876. After a few moments arrive settings that should just save.

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