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How to set up mail forwarding


How to set up mail forwarding</a>

The need to send mail from one mailbox to another may be required for various reasons.

Whichever reason is this, setting up mail forwarding on the Yandex mail service is quite easy - you need to perform several steps to accomplish this.



To set up mail forwarding, enterYour mailbox on the Yandex mail service, entering the appropriate login and password. Go to your mail settings. You can do this by clicking on the "Settings" link in the upper right part of the window just below your mailbox address.


In the settings window, select the section "RulesMail processing "by clicking on the link-line with the left mouse button. On the opened page you will be asked to create a rule according to which the incoming mail will be processed and forwarded to the e-mail address specified by you. Click the "Create rule" button to begin setting up the redirect.


In the first line of the rule, specify which lettersMust be forwarded to another mailbox. The default setting is "Apply to all mail except spam with attachments and no attachments." To set other parameters, click on the label "Change", located at the end of the sentence.


In the If field, select a row from the drop-down listFrom whom, in the next drop-down list, set "Mates with", in the empty field, enter the address of the mailbox you are currently in. In the "Execute action" section, place the marker next to the "Forward to address" line, enter the address of the mailbox to which incoming messages will be sent in the empty field. If you want to keep a copy of the message in the current mailbox, put the marker in the "Save copy at forwarding" field. Click the button "Create rule".


Once you have created the rule, go toFolder of incoming messages in the mailbox, the redirection to which you installed. Open the letter that has just arrived by the name "Confirmation of the e-mail address for the Yandex.Mail service". To confirm the rule created for redirection, click on the link contained in the letter.


In the opened window with the text "Someone, maybe youThemselves, created a rule for sending emails from Yandex.Mail to your address. To activate the rule, you need to confirm the owner of the mailbox from which the transfer will be sent "click the" Enable rule "button.

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