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How to set up internet on your phone

How to set up internet on your phone

If before mobile phones could only call, but now with a phone can do more operations, including work with the Internet.

Those who have not connected the function itself such, may not know how to do it.

You will need

  • - mobile phone
  • - The data of your mobile operator to connect



To configure the Internet on your phone, you first need to make sure your mobile operator if this service is provided to you.
Then go to the phone's menu. Go to the "Services" tab = & gt- «profiles». In this menu, select GPRS. You can either create a new profile or edit an existing (if there is created profiles). In the profile settings, write the following: Profile name - if n = your operator Beeline, then write Beeline Inet?? (Without skobochek). Column APN write internet.beeline.ru, enter a username beeline, beeline also password.


Next, go to the settings of the browser: press Menu, then go to the? Service = & gt- Internet = & gt- Settings = & gt- Edit profile ?. Here, too, there is nothing complicated? cope and novice.
In the profile settings, enter a name for the profile? anytime, at your discretion. Home Page put their mobile operator. Profile choose the one you just created: Beeline Inet.


Now you need to select the connection type, choose HTTP (address need not change myself, and put the port 8080 or 9210). The string the user does not need to write the name, and so do not put anything in the password field.
As you can see, nothing complicated. If you have another operator, then you choose the parameters of this particular operator. If you can not find them yourself, call the operator? He will give you all the information for the settings. If you could not set the phone on this mini-guide, maybe your phone does not support the HTTP protocol, try to use the second? WAP.

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