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How to set up internet on your phone with your computer

How to set up internet on your phone with your computer

Wired internet is not always available to us when it is particularly necessary - in the country or, for example, on vacation.

Installation of wi-fi transmitter is expensive, and the wi-fi is not so widespread, that it is possible to use it for their own purposes anywhere. To help us come our mobile phone.

Using it, we can easily use the Internet as much as we enable mobile account balance.



First of all, you need tobluetooth-connection, infrared or usb cord, depending on what type of communication is available on your phone. The difference in speed between these two methods is not as mobile speed the Internetand in most cases less than the speed of the slowest connection - via the infrared port.


Regardless of what type of connection youchoose, you must first synchronize the phone and computer. To do this, install the driver for your phone from CD or download and install them. Then connect your phone to your computer and make sure the connection is established.


Go to the website of your mobile operator and exactly follow the setup instructions gprs-the Interneta. If you have problems, call customer service to have carried out all over the setup process.


Use java-Emulator and Opera mini browser to save bandwidth. This browser, as when using a mobile phone, and when used on computerIt compresses inetrnet page, saving up to eighty percent of traffic.


After you have carried out the previous steps, make sure that your balance enough money to connect to a network the Internet and connect to the network the InternetUsing your mobile phone.

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