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How to configure ICQ to Motorola

How to configure ICQ to Motorola

Appendix ICQ instant messenger allows you to exchange short messages two or more users who have the appropriate program installed on your computer or phone.

For example, this feature is available to owners of the company "Motorola" devices.

You will need

  • - A mobile phone with access to the Internet
  • - A computer with access to the Internet
  • - Usb-cable.



Installing ICQ on "Motorola" is produced inDepending on the device type. To install an application on a normal mobile phone, connect the WAP-Internet service from mobile operator and configure specific parameters for access to the network through a GPRS-connection. You can obtain instructions from the operator, or use one of the Internet sites devoted to setting up the internet on your phone. Also, some mobile device model can automatically configure the connection to the internet via the activation of the corresponding function in the settings menu.


Proceed to install ICQ on the phone. Visit icq.com site from your home computer, and select the application load in Java format. Enter your phone number and wait for a while. On it will receive a message containing a link to download the application. Open it with your device's browser and wait until the installation is completed. You can also download the application file on your computer and then send it to your phone by connecting your device via a USB-cable. Then open the installation program through the file manager on your phone.


Install ICQ to "Motorola 'smartphone. Most current models of the manufacturer are available on the Android platform, so you can download the appropriate installation file from icq.com site on your computer and then send via USB to your phone or use the built-in smart phone application to download games and programs - Google Play, selecting ICQ menu available programs. Note that there are other messengers applications functioning on the basis of ICQ to, for example, Miranda and QIP, which is free and can be installed on any type of phone Motorolla.

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