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How to set up dissent for games on the Internet

How to set up dissent

Counter-Strike - a cult shooter, which has millions of fans all over the planet. The popularity of the game is largely due to the simplicity of the settings in the game on the network.

How to configure the "counter" for the game on the internet?



The most common at the momentIt is a version of CS 1.6. The fact that this modification is easy to install, has a simple interface and huge number of add-ons. Its importance for the PC can be compared with the Mario games for Dendy value and Sonic for Sega. That community Counter-Strike 1.6 fans is the most extensive. Choose this version if you want to play the "counter" on a network with different strong contenders.


Download the distribution counterstrike games on the site.ru. Also on the site you can find many patches of the game, read the article on the control settings and strategies. Set Counter-Strike 1.6, running the file-distribution.


Check the connection to the Internet. Initially installed correctly the game should be connected with one of the random server - even at this stage you can play on the network if the computer is connected to the network.


The first thing you need to find "their" server. Someone closer to play with gamers from the same region who wants to tighten the gameplay knowledge of a foreign language. The international level of "dissent" is supported by a variety of events in different parts of the world. The site cs-monitor.ru can find a server that best suits you.


If you want to play the "counter" on a local network with friends, go to the panel "My Computer", select "Network Connections." "Properties" Click on the tab.


In the window that appears, change the IP address. Ask your partner's IP and rewrite it by adding several units including the latter (for example, instead of partner - Restart your computer (it is required to save the changes).


Start the game. Now you can play on a local network with other (friends). Chat function, you can run the service combination Ctrl + Y, and negotiations - Ctrl + K.

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