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How to set up channels on the satellite

How to set up channels on the satellite

not enough to have a satellite antenna, a tuner, TV or computer to watch satellite TV. Required to correctly configure the reception signal from the transponder to the receiver.

To do this, you can call the master, and it is possible to produce all manipulations and independently.

You will need

  • - DVB PCI bkb USB card-
  • - ProgDVB program.



Install and configure the antenna to the selected satellite, say it will Express_AM22 53e. If you are viewing satellite TV on your computer, to find channels satellite you will need a satellite DVB PCI or USBmap Skystar 2. In addition, you must install the program on your PC ProgDVB, it is superior to the competition in quality and reliability, it should be only a processor speed of at least 1.5 GHz.


Open the "Settings" tab and check the boxyour device, for example, Skystar 2. In the same tab, go to the «DiSEqC and providers" and set the desired satellite, you've set up a satellite dish on a few satellites or used motor for its rotation, then select all visible or used in your area. Accordingly, the left and set the position of DiSEqC.


Open the "Channel List" tab. If you do not know what exactly you need a transponder, select the tab "Blind Scan" drop-down menu, the program will scan all its existing transponder frequency satellite or satellites. In the case where the right channel was not found, please visit www.lyngsat.com or www.flysat.com. Select a channel, record the parameters of a transponder from which it is broadcast.


Open the "Channel List" tab, select"Scan transponder", select the desired satellite in the menu "Sputnik", manually enter the frequency, polarization and the speed according to the parameters. Click the tab "Commit". Top must "run" two bars that show the "level" and "quality" of the signal.


Click "Scan". On the left in the window will be channels found. Click the "Save" button and they will appear on the left side of the main window of the program ProgDVB. Open (FTA) channels will be highlighted in green, closed - red. Click on an open television channel. The image will appear on the right in the window within 1-2 seconds. To view the private channel, you can use a special plugin for ProgDVB: MD Yanksee, s2emu and vPlug. Adjustment of other channels satellite make a similar manner.

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