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How to set up call forwarding to Beeline

How to set up call forwarding to Beeline

You can choose one of three ways to install forwarding.

Diversion is a very handy feature and works at any time if the battery is dead, missing link, during a conversation with another person or at a particular time.



Call the free service operator "Beeline"and set the forwarding feature alone. service number 067409031. Dial command: * 110 * 031 #. This command enables the forwarding of all existing cases. If you need to redirect only one or a few cases, it uses a set of other teams.


In order to establish a call to redirectwhen the phone is busy, dial combination ** 67 * phone number # call. To deactivate, enter ## 67 #. To forward to the time when the user is out of coverage or switched off phone, enter ** 62 * phone number #. To turn off the dial ## 62.


If you do not answer withinsome of the time, you can set call forwarding by dialing the code ** 61 * phone number # ** interval. The interval is set from 5 to 30 seconds. To disable dial ## 61 #. If you subscribe to several types of redirection, then deactivate them all you can, by dialing ## 002 #. If you dial the code using the international format, eg 71111111111.


Solve the problem with the help of set forwardingsupport center "Beeline". center number from your mobile: 0611. center number from a landline: (495) 974-8888. The calls are free of charge, but for the assistance of the operator to connect will be charged to your phone bill of 45 rubles. You will need to call the phone number, address of residence and passport data. If you disable forwarding charge.


Understand the capabilities of your phone, insettings is a function "Divert voice calls." Follow the prompts and enter the number in the 10-digit format using the international code. Select the conditions under which the call is forwarded, press "Select" and "On the other room."


"Beeline" Go to the site of mobile service. Sign up sign in a personal account, get a service connection forwarding and follow the commands. Study in detail all the steps and follow them step by step.

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