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How to set up an access point to your phone


How to set up an access point to your phone</a>

In order to establish connections such as Opera Mini, Jimm and others, you must configure the access point in the phone.

It makes it possible to use Java-applications.

This parameter is practically in every cell phone, it's just necessary to activate it and correct it according to your cellular operator.



First go to the phone menu by pressing the key under the "Menu". Next, select the "Settings" option, often it is displayed as a wrench or some mechanism.


Once you are on the list of differentSettings, you need to find the "Configuration" item and click on it. In the window that opens, find the sub-item "Personal configuration parameters" and open it.


Then click on the button below the inscription"Functions", usually it is on the display at the bottom left. After you do this, you will see a list of functions, select "Add new ones".


Next, you will see a list in which you need to find the "Access Point" and press "Select".


Enter the name of the access point, it can be any. In the "Access Point Settings" item, click on "Data Channel" and select the "Batch Data" function.


Then you should go back and startConfigure the channel itself. Then do the following: in the "T / d packet data" write internet, "Network type" - IPv4, "Authentication type" - normal, "User name" and password leave blank.


After that, click "Save" or"Add". In order for this access point to be used when going online, select it from the list in the "Preferred Access Point" configuration item.

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