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How to set up a wireless network

How to set up a wireless network

wireless network advantages are undeniable.

You have no reference to any particular workplace, and you can go online from anywhere in your apartment, office, shopping center, etc., where there is network coverage.

This is convenient, and can greatly simplify the work of any organization.

Our guide will help you set up your own wireless network.



Find the icon on your desktop?Network . If the desktop is not the icon, go to the menu? Start //? // Settings? Network Connections. Then click on the icon? Network Neighborhood, right-click. Drop-down menu will appear in which you should select? Properties.


In the window? Network Connections, right-click on the icon? Wireless Network Connection. You will see a drop-down menu, select it? Switch.


Next in the window? Network Connections, right-mouse click on the icon again? Wireless Network Connection, click? In the Properties menu.


Check the settings, the tab settings? General. Ticks should be on the buttons? When connecting the display in the notification area icon? Notify with limited or no connectivity.


Locate and select the Wireless Networks tab in the Wireless Network Connection window -??? Options
If you can not find there a tab in the Wireless Network Connection window -? The properties you need to click the OK button .In the Start menu, click Settings, then click Control Panel????.
In the window?Control Panel, double-click on the icon? Administrative Tools, double-icon? Service .Check that service? Wireless Zero Configuration (or? Wireless Zero Configuration) is in? Works. If not, double-click on? Wireless Zero Configuration, in the service properties window that appears, click the? Start? Ok .In window? Network Connections, right-click the icon? Wireless Network Connection, select? Properties. Find the tab? Wireless networks and make sure the button? Use Windows to the network settings is checked.


In the? Preferred Networks click?Add. On the? Communication in the field? The network name (SSID) you want to print MIAN (Note: all letters must be in uppercase). Check the box? Connect even if the network is not broadcasting. In the section? Authentication select WPA menu. On the? Data encryption menu that appears, select TKIP. Make sure the box is checked, the button? This is a computer-to-computer, and on the? Access points are not used check mark is not necessary.


In the box?Wireless Network Properties, select the tab? Authentication. In the section? EAP type on the popup menu to choose? Protected EAP (PEAP). Remove the check mark from the buttons? Authenticate as computer when computer information is available. Make sure the check mark is not necessary on the button? Authenticate as guest in the absence of information about the computer or user. Click the? Properties.


In the window ?Protected EAP Properties uncheck the button? Validate server certificate. Ensure that the section? Choosing an authentication method is it? Secured password (EAPMSCHAP v2). The button? Enable Fast Reconnect tick.


Click? Set. In the window? EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties uncheck the? Automatically use my Windows logon name and password. Now press the button? OK.


Click? OK in the window?Protected Properties EAP. In the dialog box? Wireless Network Properties, select the tab? Connection. Make sure the box is checked, the button? Connect, if the network is in range. After that click? OK.


Click the OK button in the window? Wireless Network Connection? properties, the compounds of the setting is completed.

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