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How to set up a tattoo machine

To tattoo at least turned out, we must be able not only to work with the tattoo machine, and configure it.

The point is simple but laborious and requires skill.

At the tattoo machine has 3 system, and they must work together to ensure that the machine is functioning properly.



The magnetic system consists of a reel-to reel goals, the striker, base frame or bridge
Electrical system - consists of a capacitor, springs, bindi and contact screw, coil windings.
The mechanical system - consists of a striker, springs and frames.


The task of any adjustment is toto achieve synchronization of all machine systems. There are two ways to configure the induction machine - is the installation and fine tuning controls. At the tattoo machine has 2 parameter setting regulators - the spring is compressed and the stroke length. The stroke length is determined by the distance of the striker point (highest) to the extreme position in which the machine is functioning properly. Compression springs - a term used to communicate descriptions and combines the characteristics of the return force and resistance.


The deflection angle is very important. Its size should be sufficient to set the desired stroke length (note compression). The deflection angle is measured on the machine without having to install the front springs. In fact, measured by the distance between the base and the top of the striker front coil core.


The deflection angle can be obtained by two methods of installing the spring:
- flat
- GnutyyRastyazhenie depends on the distance between the front of the coil core and the striker measured without contact screw. Use the above tips to customize the tattoo machine for themselves.

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