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How to set up a satellite dish rainbow

How to set up a satellite dish rainbow

Provider "Rainbow TV" offer in their packagesPay digital satellite TV for viewing the whole family. In addition to third-party programs broadcast "Rainbow TV" offers and the product of its own production under the brand name "Club 100", such as "Illusion +", "Russian Illusion", "Zoopark", "Evrokino" and "Children".

satellite coverage fully covers the entire territory of Russia and CIS countries.

To view the channels you need to install and configure the antenna for reception.

You will need

  • - Linear converter Ku-diapazona-
  • - A satellite tuner with CI-slot or to receive Irdeto 2 encoding.



Install a satellite dish in the place where before there will not be obstacles - a wall of high-rise houses and tall trees. To receive a signal provider 'Rainbow TV "will need a dish diameter of at least 90 cm,satellite receiver (tuner) which can receive the signal in Irdeto 2 encoding or having a CI-slot for the card to access digital channels, as well as linear converter Ku-band.


Determine if your location falls into the area of ​​action of the provider "Rainbow TV "and a diameter of the antenna is required to receive the signal. Turn the antenna towards the satellite ABS 1 75e, 75 degrees East To do this, please visit www.dishpointer.comWhich enter in the search bar the name of your city or the geographical coordinates.


Then select a location on a satellite mapthe location of your home and click on it. Under the search box is a drop down menu with the name of the satellite. Select ABS 1. green beam shows the direction and the bottom will be specified azimuth to the satellite antenna position angle (the slope of its mirrors) and the degree of rotation of the converter.


Connect the coaxial cable via the F-connector converter to the receiver, and it has a TV. Turn on the tuner, set the receiver channel on the TV. Television Service Provider "Rainbow TV "is broadcast from the transponders: 12548v22000 and 12610v22000, where the first digit - frequency, v - vertical polarization, the second - the flow rate.


Enter this information to the receiver using the remote control. Start slowly turning the antenna to the left or right until the steady signal at this time in the box setting up a channel on your TV will change the value of the quality and signal strength. Fix it by turning the converter Achieve stronger values ​​and fix it. For a more accurate setting, you can use special instruments.

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