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How to set up a network printer

How to set up a network printer

For example, a small office and a number of computers connected to the network, no server, but there is one for the whole office printer.

Now the problem: to ensure that access to the printer have all computers, that is able to print through it. This means that we will need to install a network printer and set it up.

To carry out the task in three ways.



Connect the printer to a computer, consisting innetwork and to share. The easiest way, but it has a significant drawback: if the computer to which the printer is connected to our, not working, the other computers can not print through it. And if your PC still fails, you will have to reconfigure and reinstall the driver, who by that time may already be lost.


Connect the printer via the print server to the network. In this case, the printer is set up only once. He will be seen in print server as a separate node. Each computer will print regardless.


When the network printer has a print server is built, it can be configured in the same manner as in the case of the number two. Just need to adjust the printer itself and not some separate device.


We will assume that the printer to one of the PC alreadyconnected. The operating system will be considered Windows XP. Getting set up sharing. First, go to the? Control Panel? and, in paragraph? Printers and Faxes? RMB is clicked on the icon of the installed printer. Select the drop-down menu? Properties ?. Now switch to the tab? Access? and press the button? Sharing a printer ?. We give the name of the printer and click OK. On the icon of the printer should appear holding hands icon. This means that the printer setup is successful.


Now connect the printer on other PCs and configure it. In? Printers and Faxes? we need to run the wizard and printer connections to the master are instructed to install a printer.


Next, select Browse for a printer? system search will make itself. If the required network printer system was not found, connect it manually. In the name of the printer, we need to enter: \ Computer_namePrinter_Name (first computer name, the second name of the printer?). You can specify the IP of the computer instead of its name. Then the driver will be installed and the wizard completes the installation, offering to print a test (test) page.


In the case of connection through a print serversuch actions are made the same, only in the wizard we need to choose the last option and enter the path to the printer. Complete with a network printer or a print server can go to special additional programs that you can also use.

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