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How to set up a local network of Beeline

How to set up a local network of Beeline

I'm sure many have encountered such a situation: Housing more than one computer, the Internet requires each of them, and connect each of them separately and pay a few times more, no desire. In order to implement your ideas, you want to configure the network.

In this case, a supplier of the Internet? Beeline.

You will need

  • 2 computer
  • 3 network cards
  • 1? Patch Cord? or RJ-45 (LAN cable)
  • Availability PCI-slots in the? Main? computer



You should make sure that one of the computers(Main), there are two network cards (usually one of them built, and the second must be purchased separately). One network card you should be inserted cable Beeline, ie on this computer access to the Internet you already have.
In the second slot, insert the loose patch cord, and a second end to slide into another computer network card (note: both machines should be included).
Go to Start? Control Panel ? View network status and tasks? Change adapter settings (Windows 7). You will see a picture 1.

How to set up a local network of Beeline


Of the two network connections, choose something that is notIt refers to the Beeline. Go to the properties? Internet Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) protocol? properties. Choose? Use the following IP address? and prescribed to Press OK. The example in figure 2.

How to set up a local network of Beeline


Go to the properties of your VPN-connection. Click the? Available ?. Place a checkbox in front of point? Allow other network users?.?, And in the bar, select the local network from the second machine.

How to set up a local network of Beeline


You need to find out the addresses of DNS-servers. To do this, press win + R, type cmd, to open the console list the ipconfig / all. Locate your primary network card and note the two addresses of DNS-servers. The first computer we no longer need.

How to set up a local network of Beeline


Go to the? Change adapter settings? on the second computer. Find where only WLAN and open the properties of the TCP / IPv4 protocol, as well as on the first computer. Put daw? Use the following IP-address ?, Prescribe IP, and the default gateway? Note: Subnet masks leave the standard, default gateway IP-address is the main? computer.
Now list the DNS-server that you have saved on the first computer (see Step 4). Save your changes. Use.

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