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How are you set to interview

How are you set to interview

Interviews with potential employerssimilar to the oral exam, when you need to not only answer the question, but also to justify their point of view, give evidence and thus present themselves in the best light, because a lot depends on experience.

Almost always willing to get the job done very nervous before this interview, but a simple preparation allows to cope with their fears and insecurities.

Wield information. Before going to the interview, try to find as much information about potential employers - learn the basic activities of the company, check its organizational and legal form, the presence of branches. This will help the internet, by the way, may be useful social networks, especially the group, whose members are united in the workplace. Being aware of the main aspects of the company's activity, you will be able to clearly articulate their responses and to demonstrate competence.
Try the image in advance. Be sure to think through what you put on yourself. It is best to opt for something neutral and business. Of course, the interviewer can hit the actual trouser suit velvet malachite color, but if your prospective job is not connected with the world of fashion, the interviewee may simply not be aware that this look was a hit last collections of leading designers in the world. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the hands and nails to manicure stale day interview was no reason for the excess of excitement.
You have nothing to lose. During the interview, remember, nothing terrible will happen if something goes wrong. Most likely, this is not the last meeting with a potential employer in your life. Try to set yourself up to receive invaluable experience and not on the only chance to take the vacant place in the good organization. Finally, if for some reason the list of candidates will choose other, then it is not the most suitable for you to work, and these people, in this case you no longer meet.
Here is an ordinary person. Sometimes job seekers look confident and calm, but after the first few words of the interviewer will lose, stammer, even begin to hear the bad. Therefore, in advance before the date of the meeting is to tune in to what you will communicate with the same person, just like you. He also received the job after the interview, perhaps after months of searching for work. He is not God, is not a saint, but just a man, even the way his office is written exclusively in English and takes only a few lines on the business cards.
Use your imagination. If waiting for the interview, you feel that you are too agitated, try to escape and imagine yourself in a very comfortable and pleasant environment where you like to visit. This may be the seashore, favorite city, furnished at its discretion, a new apartment. When it comes time to communicate with the employee of the company where you want to get a place, imagine it in a ridiculous form, such as a rabbit ears on his head, with a clown nose. Young actors are often stripped of spectators, it helps to get rid of his own hesitation. Pre Try similar reception in any public place. By the way, after greeting the interviewer's mind give him something nice - a flower or candy, they say, a "step" helps position the companion to him.

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