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How to tune the guitar

How to tune the guitar

Of course, before you start playing the instrument, ensure the proper sound of each string. To do this, you must tune your guitar.

How to do it?

What if, after replacing all the strings in the new (and this is an inevitable phenomenon) require a complete guitar setup?

Do not despair! Here are all the possible & nbsp- ways to overcome these obstacles to creative success:

Method one. The most common.
It is necessary to specify a reference point from whichIt will be carried out subsequent adjustments. It is considered an ideal option & nbsp- note & laquo-A & raquo-, which should sound like a closed (clamped) 5th fret of the first string. In order to achieve maximum compliance typically use a tuning fork, another musical instrument (piano) or special software (free AP Guitar Tuner), which by means of the microphone automatically detects the sound and tells exactly committed the presence of errors. It should be noted that the very standard guitar tuning procedure develops a rumor, and this is an important argument.

Major fault: should not be rushed and dramatically change the string tension & mdash- do it quietly and try to get a & nbsp- unison (sound in one key). The second string is configured similarly to the first (on the 5th fret), but in relation to the open (without pressing), the first string. The third string & mdash- unique because adjusted to 4 fret pressed and to open the second. The fourth and subsequent are set to the usual 5 fret and in relation to the previous open.

Method two. Comparison. Used by experienced musicians and is as follows:
3 string 9 & nbsp- fret in unison with one open.
4 9 2 fret = open.
5 10 fret = open 3.
6 10 4 fret = open.
The first and sixth & ndash- open, but with a difference of 2 octaves.

The third way. inspection
If you still have problems, then thisoption will bring 100% result. And you will be able to tune the guitar well. So, for example, the newcomer is difficult to determine whether it is properly tuned instrument. How to be? The answer to this question is given by & nbsp- guitar. To do this, we press the string on the 5th fret, little pulls itself and release the string. You hear the sound, and we carefully observe the following string as it must necessarily vibrate & mdash- is a sign of well-done work of the musician.

Method fourth. flageolet
Flageolet - is sound with a frequency doubling (overtone). Get it, you can: play a string, partially pressing a fingernail or the finger at the point of separation on frets (metal edge). Sound is thus hollow, like a flute.
Therefore, check harmonics:
1 string on fret 7 & nbsp- = 2 string on the 5th fret,
3 7 4 = 5,
4, 7 = 5 5,
5 6 7 = 5.

Now it's your guitar will sound good.

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