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How to tune the guitar

You can compare the sound of the strings clamped down harmony with neighboring open

The first thing you should master the beginner guitarist - setting tool. Playing poorly tuned instrument able to spoil the hearing, besides usually causes protests surrounding.

At six-and seven-string guitars system is different, and besides, some musicians used their way of adjustment.

What do I need?

Regardless of how many strings on your guitar, you will need one of the following items:
- kamerton-
- A computer with access to the Internet
- A well-tuned piano.
The tuning fork can be bought in the same place where you buyguitar. The most popular variant is something like the whistle, giving a few sounds. If anything like this you do not, you can tune a guitar and a computer. There are a number of special programs for guitarists. In addition, the guitar popular sites can be found, and built-in tuner.

The most common guitar program - GuitarPro. It is licensed, but you can find and its free counterparts.

Tune Piano

If you have a six-string guitar, the keyboardyou need the sound "E" of the first octave. The sound corresponding to the first string of six-string guitar. This fork is convenient because you will tell others and tuning the strings. Tighten peg until the string sound is not exactly the same height with the sound of the piano. The second string hold on the fifth fret. It must match the open first. The third string is clamped on the fourth fret. The pitch coincides with the opening of a second. The fourth, fifth and sixth strings tighten on the fifth fret and compare with the previous open. Do not forget that the numbering string comes from the thinnest to the thickest. Accordingly, the first - the thinnest string, the sixth - the thickest.

To adjust better to use a special knob. This greatly facilitates the process.

Setting a tuning fork

If you have a fork in the form of a whistle, givingseveral sounds, get the sound "E". Set it on the first guitar string, and then proceed in the same way as in the previous case. It may also happen that you have a tuning fork as a "fork", by which you want to knock the special hammer. Such a tuning fork gives the sound "la" first octave. Hold the first string at the fifth fret and adjust on the sound. Setting the tuner does not differ from the settings on the tuning fork, only the sound of the external acoustic device emits. In addition, the tuner can be effortlessly compare the sound of each string with a standard.

Setting up a seven-stringed guitar

Seven-stringed guitar is less popular thansix-string, but now there are increasing musicians who want to learn this tool. There are several options for the seven-building. The most common - Setting tonic triad. Find a piano key "D" of the first octave. As it set up the first string. Next, the procedure is. The second string is clamped on the third fret and compared with the open first, and the third - on the fourth fret of the second is based on the open, the fourth - on the fifth fret, is built on an open third. The fifth string is clamped on the third fret, sixth - on the fourth, the seventh - on the fifth. It turns salt-major triad, where the first, fourth and seventh strings produce the sound "D", the second and the fifth - "B", the third and the sixth - "salt". Some musicians tune the seventh string as "A". There is also a setting option with the seventh string "before".

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