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How to tune a guitar


Compare the sound of the string with the adjacent open</a>

The first thing that a beginning guitarist should master is the tuning of the instrument. Playing on a poorly tuned instrument can damage your hearing, and, in addition, usually causes protests from others.

The six-string and seven-stringed guitars are different, and besides some musicians use their own way of tuning.

What is needed for this?

Regardless of how many strings on your guitar, you will need one of the following items:
- tuning fork-
- computer with access to the Internet-
- A well-tuned piano.
Camerton can be bought in the same place where you boughtGuitar. The most popular version of it is a kind of whistle that gives a few sounds. If you do not have anything like that, you can tune the guitar and using a computer. There are several special programs for guitarists. In addition, on popular guitar sites you can find and built-in tuner.

The most common guitar program is GuitarPro. It is licensed, but you can also find its free analogs.

Tuning by pianoforte

If you have a six-string guitar, on the keyboardYou will need the sound "mi" of the first octave. This sound corresponds to the first string of a six-string guitar. This tuning fork is convenient, as it will tell you the tuning of the remaining strings. Twist the peg until the sound of the string is exactly the same as the piano sound. Hold the second string on the fifth fret. It must coincide with the first open one. The third string is clamped on the fourth fret. The pitch is the same as the second one. The fourth, fifth and sixth strings clamp on the fifth fret and compare with the previous preceded. Do not forget that the numbering of strings goes from the thinnest to the thickest. Accordingly, the first is the thinnest string, the sixth is the thickest.

For adjustment it is better to use a special wrench. This greatly facilitates the process.

Tuning for tuning fork

If you have a tuning fork in the form of a whistle givingA few sounds, find the sound "mi." Adjust the first guitar string on it, and then proceed exactly as in the previous case. It can also happen that you have a tuning fork in the form of a "fork", on which you need to knock a special hammer. This tuning fork gives the sound "la" of the first octave. Clamp the first string on the fifth fret and adjust for this sound. Tuner tuning is no different from the tuning for tuning fork, only the sound emits an external acoustic device. In addition, the tuner can easily compare the sound of each string with the standard.

Adjusting the 7-string guitar

Seven-string guitar is less popular thanSix-stringed, but now more and more often there are musicians who want to learn this instrument. There are several variants of the seven-stringed system. The most common is the tonic triad setting. Find the key "re" of the first octave on the piano. Set the first string on it. Then the procedure is as follows. The second string is clamped on the third fret and is compared with the open one, the third - on the fourth fret, is built on the open second, the fourth - on the fifth fret, is built on the open third. The fifth string is clamped on the third fret, the sixth - on the fourth, the seventh - on the fifth. The result is a major major triad, where the first, fourth and seventh strings give the sound "re", the second and fifth - "si", the third and sixth - "salt". Some musicians set up the seventh string as "la." There is also a tuning option with the seventh string "before".

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