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How to adjust the chainsaw


How to adjust the chainsaw</a>

In order for the chainsaw to work long and trouble-free, it must be set up. The main setting applies to the carburetor of the saw.

From the correct adjustment of the carburetor depends the economy of the device and the convenience of handling it during the sawing process.

You will need

  • Screwdriver, tachometer, technical passport of chainsaw



Adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw consists inAdjustment of the position of the nozzles. Typically, the carburettor has three adjusting screws: low-speed propeller screw, high-speed propeller screw and idle speed adjustment screw.


The first two screws adjust the ratio of the combustibleMixture and air, which is determined by the opening of the throttle valve. If you need to deplete the mixture, turn the screw clockwise, if the mixture needs to be enriched and increase the number of revolutions, turn the screw anticlockwise.


To adjust the idling speedUse the appropriate screw. Turning it clockwise, you increase the number of revolutions, while turning the screw counterclockwise, the number of turns decreases.


After buying a saw for several hoursWork must save the settings made at the factory (where the carburetor is regulated to a richer mixture). After that, you can adjust the carburetor yourself.


When adjusting, keep in mind that the rotation of the screwThe high-speed jets affect the power and speed of the chain. The depletion of the combustible mixture leads to excessive speed and can lead to the saw failure.


After warming the engine saws at full speed in theFor a few seconds, turn the high-speed anti-clockwise screw and allow the unit to run for 10 seconds. Use the tachometer to check the maximum speed. They should correspond to the number of turns declared in the passport to the chainsaw. If the lean mixture is too lean, the saw starts to "squeal," and when adjusted to an excessively rich mixture, the muffler can smoke.


The optimal adjustment of the chainsaw's parameters must be carried out by a specialist who has access to the tachometer.

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