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How to set up a chainsaw

How to set up a chainsaw

To chainsaw long and trouble-free work, it must be configured. Initial Setup As for the saw carburetor.

The correct adjustment of the carburetor depends on efficiency of the device and ease of handling in the process of cutting.

You will need

  • Screwdriver, tachometer, product data saws



Adjusting the carburetor is to chainsawadjusting the position of the nozzles. As a rule, the carburetor has three adjustment screws: screw the low speed jet, propeller jet high speed and adjust idle screw blade running.


The first two screws regulate the ratio of the fueland air mixture, which is determined by the throttle valve opening. If you need to impoverish the mixture tighten the screw clockwise if necessary to enrich the mixture and increase the number of turns, the screw should be unscrewed by turning counterclockwise.


To adjust the idle speedUse the appropriate screw. By turning it clockwise, you will increase the number of revolutions, while rotating the screw counter-clockwise decreases the speed.


After buying a saw for a few hourswork necessary to keep the settings made at the factory (where the carburettor is adjusted to a rich mixture). After that, you can customize your own carburetor.


When adjusting keep in mind that the rotation of the screwHigh speed jet affects the power and chain speed. Depletion of the fuel mixture leads to excessive turnover, and can bring a saw malfunction.


After warming up the saw motor at full speed infor a few seconds, turn the screw jet high speed counter-clockwise and allow the unit to work for 10 seconds. Using a tachometer, check the maximum speed. They should correspond to the number of revolutions, declared in the passport to the chainsaw. Too lean a saw begins to "scream", and when adjusted to an excessively rich mixture can smoke muffler.


Optimal adjustment of the saw parameters must be carried out by a person having access to a tachometer.

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