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How to install the window yourself


How to install the window yourself</a>

It's time to change the window frame with all its contents, and you decided on the brave thing to do it yourself.

It should be noted that in spite of the accuracy and caution with which you need to perform this work, the task before you is actually very simple.

Having a home tool set, you can easily cope with it yourself.



Prepare all necessary for dismantling andMounting tools. Most likely, you will need: dowels, construction level, plumb bob, plates for fastening plastic windows (make sure they are included with the model you purchased, if not, you will have to buy them separately), self-tapping screws and a simple punch.


Prepare a window opening to install a new oneStructure. Remove the old window frame. Do this as neatly as possible so as not to damage the projections and walls on which new windows will be fastened. After dismantling remove all unnecessary from the window, if it can interfere in every way in the work, which brings a share of discomfort in the process itself.


Update the frame for the new frame. Cover with zinc-coated sheet or re-process formed holes and cracks. Do not install windows on a bad "foundation", as this will lead to a sharp reduction in the performance of the entire structure as a whole.


Cut the bar or bar into pieces of ten centimeters. You will need from five to fifteen such blanks.


Begin installing the new package. Remove the glass from the new frame and pay attention to the plastic clips that will fall out during the extraction process. Collect all the plates and install them in the future when installing the glass in its place.

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Depending on the model of your personalYou may see some differences in the installation. The complete process should be attached as an instruction to your kit. However, the instrument and the basic principle that is used are always the same. Carefully remove the flaps, place them on the intended site, fasten the window frame to them, and then the glass itself. Make sure nothing staggers and does not crack. This completes the installation operation.

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