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How to set the window size


How to set the window size</a>

A person who is just starting to master a computer will undoubtedly face a number of tasks, to which not only that an advanced, but even an ordinary user, just jumps into a fist.

One is to resize the window.



To resize a window, hover over its edgecursor. When it takes the form of a two-way arrow, hold down the left button and pull the mouse to the desired direction. Accordingly, the window will decrease (if you pull in) or increase (if outward). This action can be applied to all sides of the window: the top bottom, left and right. To resize two faces at once, move the cursor to the corner of the window. In this case, it will also take the form of a two-way arrow, but now it is diagonal. Hold down the left button and drag the mouse to the desired direction.


Here it is worth noting that in Windows 7 (in the people -"Seven") the sizes for all windows are saved automatically after their change. And in the operating system Windows XP for this there is a separate setting.


To do this, open the "Folder Options" window(Recall, now we are considering a case with Windows XP). You can do this in several ways, each of which starts with the fact that you need to open the control panel: click the "Start" button, which is located on the left side of the taskbar, and then select "Control Panel". Now, in fact, ways. First, in the control panel window, click the main menu item "Tools" & gt- "Folder Options". Second - if the control panel is displayed in categories, click on "Appearance and Themes", and then "Folder Properties". Third - if the control panel has a classic look, just double-click on "Folder Options".


In the window that appears, select the "View" tab, andThen in the "Advanced Options" list, find the item "Remember the display settings of each folder" and put a checkmark next to it. To save the changes, click Apply, and then click OK. In the same way, the dimensions of not only the folders, but also the programs: browsers, games, players, etc., change.

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