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How to set the time the computer is turned off

How to specify the time the computer is turned off

Very often it happens that the implementation ofprogram should take more time than we can afford to be at a computer. To this end, many applications have developed a special function of shutting down the system when the operation completes.

However, if there is none, you can configure shutdown at any convenient time for you.



Please use the standard method, which does not requireinstalling additional software. To do this, click the "Start" menu, locate it in the item "Run". You will open a small window with a string. Enter into it "at 23:00 shutdown -s". Be careful when you enter a command, the remaining gaps in that version. Instead, 23:00 Naturally, you can put any other desired time. Before turning off the system will issue a warning to the user, so that he could save all the data.


Go through the "Start" menu of standard catalog of programs, select "Tools" list and the "Scheduled Tasks. The application dialog box appears, click on the icon "New Task."


After the appearance of the planning wizard,jobs, select the program in its window title, the execution of which will be determined by you. In fact, you can choose absolutely any item from the list, it will not play any role.


Install automatic, the job, and then specify the start and end of the program. Click "Next".


Enter the password for your account, on behalf of thewhich you usually enter in the system. If the password has not been set, it is correct. Go to the Control Panel ", then the" User Accounts. " Select "Set Password." Next, enter it in the scheduled task window.


In the Scheduled Task Wizard, tick action "Set advanced options" and click "Finish".


Next scheduled tasks for the selected menuour program, right-click and select "Properties". The line in front of the words "Run" will be written by the program address, change it by clicking "Browse" and select in the directory C: WINDOWSsystem32 file shutdown.exe. Apply the changes and close the program.

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