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How to install the reader in the phone

How to install the reader in the phone

To read books on your phone, there are a number of reasons. The first reason - that the phone is always with you, and you can always be opened and read from his book.

Unlike the book, which you would have to carry anywhere, the mobile phone is compact and is required for continuous communication with colleagues, family, friends and loved ones.

There are two ways to read books on a mobile phone - use the converter on a computer and using the "reading room" in the phone.



To create a book on your computer, youBook Reader program required any version. In this case, you are creating a java application, using a text document. During this process, you can choose the text color, background color, text layout and font, buyout will be used on the mobile phone screen. Once you have created a java application, you can use it on your phone - You just have to copy it to your phone using the data cable or a memory card for your phone.


If you want to work with "reader" directly in the phone, You need to download this program from the Internet, and then install phoneCopying in the "Applications" section. After that, you can flip the documents in the phone's memory and access them through this program.


It is worth remembering that you can put a password onopening java books, while the document is copied to your phone from your computer, is completely unprotected file. In the case of all of the information theft or loss of your phone, including the contents of those books that you read, falls into the hands of a new owner. Consider this issue when choosing between two ways of reading books on phone.

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