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In addition to the ability to sell at first, you will need to properly set the price of goods

Entrepreneurs who start their business, sometimesfall into a difficult situation. You bought a trial consignment of the goods, but not very well know their capabilities as the seller and do not know whether you can implement it fully, or some part will remain unsold.

In addition to the ability to sell at first, you will need to properly set the price of goods.



To set a price should be expanded concept? Price? economic components. Structurally, the price of each commodity unit is the sum of all your costs:
? related implementation activities (rent, taxes, utilities, staff salaries, etc.). -

? costs for the purchase of goods for pereprodazhi-

? also it contains a certain percentage of the profit that you expect to get.
So, if you manage to sell a certain quantity of goods at a given price for a month, one month can be considered commercially successful.


Next, you should decide at a premium. If we continue our example of the trade, the mark-up? This extra cost of purchasing each item, due to which you will be able to pay the costs and associated activities make a profit. In the retail practice there are some averages values ​​of charge, depending on the product group:
? The average margin on food is 25% -

? The margin on clothing and shoes? from 50 to 100% -

? Surcharge for small souvenirs and jewelry? 100% -

? The margin on auto parts? in the range 30-60%.
Knowing these parameters, you can set a price for your product, the relevant market.


After the first month of trading pinch allyour income and expenses in one report for yourself. If you are able to realize the planned volume at a good price to pay for all the costs incurred and get even a little, but the profit? calculation was performed flawlessly. If, however, failed to achieve the planned results, analyze the reasons and perhaps you are a little lower prices and be able to find what can be done differently and more efficiently.

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