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How to set the language on the keyboard


How to set the language on the keyboard</a>

Changing the input language from the keyboard is the result of the operation of changing the layout. "Layout" is a table in which each key (or a combination of keys) is associated with a specific symbol.

The command to switch from the layout, in which the letters of letters are mapped to the symbols of the Russian alphabet, can be submitted to English using either the mouse or the keyboard.



Activate to change Language Input assigned to this default operationCombination of hot keys. The most common combination is alt + shift, a bit less often - ctrl + shift. If desired, this combination can be changed. To do this, right-click the currently used cursor LanguagePlaced in the notification area of ​​the taskbar(In the "tray"). A context menu will open, in which the "Options" item should be selected. As a result, the system component "Languages ​​and text input services" window will open.


Click the "Keyboard Options" button, placed in the "Settings" section on the "Settings" tab. In the next window, highlight the item "Switch between LanguageEntered in the list "Key combination for languagesInput "and click on the" Change keyboard shortcut "button. The next window that opens will finally contain the options for the keyboard shortcuts that can be assigned to the shift operations Language Input - choose the most convenient option. Then click on the "OK" button, close all the intermediate windows and on this change the hot keys of the operation of changing the layout will be completed.


Use the mouse to change Language Input without using the keyboard. To do this, click the current index Language Keyboard in the tray with the left mouse button and in the dropped context menu select the line with the desired language. If the icons with a designation Language No entry in the tray, then right click on the taskbar and select the line "Language bar" in the "Toolbars" section of the context menu. Pointer Language Appears in the taskbar, but you can alsoMove to any convenient place on the screen. To do this, right-click on the context menu and select "Restore" - the language bar will separate from the taskbar and it will be possible to drag across the screen, left-clicking on the left edge.

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