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How to set the language on the keyboard

How to set the language on the keyboard

Changing keyboard input language - is the result of the operation change the layout. "Layout" refers to a table in which each key (or combination of keys) is mapped to a particular character.

The command to switch to the layout in which the keys of the letters of the Russian alphabet characters are compared, the English may be filed using both mouse and keyboard.



Apply to change language I assigned this default operationhotkeys. The most commonly used combination alt + shift, a little less - ctrl + shift. If desired, this combination can be changed. To do this, right-click the mouse pointer at the present time is used languagePlaced in the notification area of ​​the taskbar(A "tray"). It will open a context menu where you should select "Settings." As a result, "Languages ​​Text Services and Input" opens a window system component.


Click the "Keyboard Settings", placed in the "Settings" in the "Options" tab section. On the next screen, highlight the "Switching between languageE Input "in the list of" key combination for languagesInput "and click on the button" Change of combination keys ". Another open the window, finally, will contain options for shortcuts, which may assign the operation shifts language Input - Select the most convenient option. Then click on the button «OK», close all the intermediate windows and replacement on this hot key layout change operation is completed.


Use the mouse to change language input without using the keyboard. To do this, click the current pointer language keyboard tray with left mouse button in the popup context menu select the required language. If the icon labeled language I do not have in the system tray, then right-click on the taskbar and select "Language Bar" section in the "Toolbars" shortcut menu. Pointer language It will appear on the taskbar, but it is possible andmoved to any convenient location on the screen. To do this, right-click to reveal the popup menu and select "Restore" - language bar separate from the taskbar, and it will probably be dragged around the screen by pressing the left mouse button on the left edge.

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