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How to put a home broom

How to put a home broom</a>

Own housing should be protected from evil forces and evil, from slander and envy, from any kind of negative energy.

The Slavs were sure of this - that's why various amulets for the house were so common. Almost every house has a broom.

But not everyone knows that the broom was considered a unique home guardian, thanks to which there will always be cleanliness and well-being in the house.

How to store a broom

To have money in the house, you need to buyNew lush broom. Sweeping the floors, it is necessary to imagine that with every movement poverty is swept away, turmoil, and luck and money are swept in. Very soon, changes will be felt for the better.
Especially it is necessary to note such a circumstance - a broom should not be thrown at all, in any case. When stored, it must be in the correct position and the right place.
For practical use the broom sex shouldStored in a certain way. To put in a corner it is impossible neither brooms, nor mops. Leave them against the wall, too, should not be - they should hang better so as not to touch the floor. In a dwelling, in a house or apartment, a broom must stand or hang by a sure broom up. So it not only dries well after wet cleaning, that is, sweeping with dipping the broom into the water, but also the bristles will not deform. Having it so, you can lure money into the house. It is also believed that in this way it is possible to protect the dwelling from evil power, from sorcerous charms.

If the house instead of a broom swab, it, too, put the wide part up, cut down.

If a broom is kept in the house with a broom down, it does notOnly worse is stored, but also in respect of evil evil forces acts not in the best way. With an improperly placed broom, all the negative essences of the lower astral plane are gathered on it, which people will not bring anything good. The next sweeping of the essence simply scattered around the house and will pester the owners, but they will not be able to sweep them out.

In the house there should be only one broom. Bargain at its purchase does not follow.

Where it is customary to put a broom in a dwelling

One of the main domestic amulets was considered a broom. It was believed that under such an ordinary broom could live and live a little housekeeper. In Russia, the center of the home was considered a kitchen, and it was nice for the householder to live there. Therefore, it was customary to put a broom in the kitchen - at the threshold, with a broom up.
The broom was used as an amulet,To lure into the house different good things - luck, happiness, well-being. Heaven, ills, negative energy with his help could be swept away from home.
Of course, one should not think that from any problemsYou can once and for all get rid of with the help of the amulet. Any thing endowed with such properties, is able to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck. But much will depend on the circle of communication between the owners, from whom they invite into the house.

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