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How to set the home broom

How to put home the broom

Proper housing must be protected from evil forces and evil, of slander and envy, from any kind of negative energy.

The Slavs were sure of this - that is why various talismans for the house were so common. Almost every house has a broom.

But not everyone knows that the broom was considered unique home talisman, by which the house will always be, and purity, and well-being.

How should I store the broom

To the house had money, it is necessary to acquirelush new broom. Sweeping the floor, you have to imagine that with each movement swept out of poverty, dislocation, and tack in good luck and money. Very soon experience a change for the better.
Especially it should be noted is the fact - a broom in any case should not throw anywhere. At storage it must be in the right position and the right place.
For practical use of sex to be a broomstored in a certain way. To put in a corner can not be brooms or mops. Leans against the wall, they, too, should not - hang them better so as not to touch the floor. The housing, in the house or apartment, the broom must stand or hang up without fail broom. So it is not only well-dried after wet cleaning that is sweeping with a broom dipping into the water, but the bristles will not deform. With it so you can lure into the house money. It is also believed that in this way you can protect housing from the evil forces of witchcraft.

If the house broom instead of a mop, it also put the widest part of the up-down handle.

If the broom a broom to keep the house down, he did notworse is stored, but also to the wicked evil forces not acting in the best way. When properly located broom on it going all the negative nature of the lower astral plane, that people will not bring anything good. The next time the sweeping nature just fly around the house and will dosazhat owners, but to sweep them will no longer be.

The house broom should be only one. Bargaining should not be buying it.

Where it decided to put the broom in the housing

One of the main home amulets believed broom. Some believed that under such an ordinary broom could settle and live Brownie. In Russia, the center of the hearth was considered the kitchen, and the houses were nice to live there. Therefore, it was decided to put the broom in the kitchen - at the threshold, with the broom up.
Broom was used as a talisman forto lure the house different good things - good luck, happiness, prosperity. Ailments, trouble, negative energy with it could sweep away from home.
Of course, one should not think of any problemsYou can get rid once and for all with the help of a talisman. Any thing, endowed with such properties, is able to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. But much will depend on the social circle of owners, on whom they invite into the house.

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