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How to set the date and time on a Samsung smartphone


How to set the date and time on a Samsung smartphone</a>

Samsung smartphones are runningVarious operating systems: Bada, Android and Windows Phone 7. On any of these phones, the user can set the time and date by selecting the appropriate menu item.



To set the clock in your Samsung smartphoneBada operating system first go to the one on the screens where the "Settings" icon is located. It looks like a shiny gear on a blue background. Click on this icon and the menu will appear. Select the item "Date and time" in it. You will see several input fields that allow you to specify the time zone, enter the date and time, select the time display format (12 or 24 hours), as well as the way the date is displayed (default is "number-month-year"). If you select a field for the date and time, the screen will automatically display the keyboard, allowing you to enter numbers.


Under the form for data entry is a button"Auto-update". Click on it to enable synchronization of the phone clock with the base station clock. Accuracy will increase in this case, but an error may occur for one hour: in spite of the fact that the transition to winter time is canceled, the base station server can be configured without taking this fact into account.


In an apparatus operating under controlAndroid operating system, first, also find the "Settings" icon on one of the desktops. It looks the same as in Bada, differing only in color: instead of a dark blue background, dark gray is used. Select the menu item "Date and time". Now, indicating the value of which item you want to change, increase or decrease the value of the corresponding parameter with the softkeys with plus and minus. And the "Automatic" button in Android acts the same as the "Auto Update" button in Bada.


If you use a smartphone with an operating systemWindows Phone 7, select the one from the screens where the "Settings" icon is located in the form of a flat white gear on a bright red or purple background. The same background color on this screen has the other icons, except for one - Xbox Live, the background of which is green. In the menu that appears, select the "Date + Time" item. Select the time zone, enter manually the time and date. And if you want the phone clock to be synchronized with the base station, turn on the "Installed automatically" checkbox.

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