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How to set the date and time on Nokia


How to set the date and time on Nokia</a>

Nokia mobile phones are available on three platforms: Series 40, Symbian and Windows Phone 7. The order of setting the date and time depends on which of them is based on your device.



In the device on the platform Series 40, first clickOn that of the sub-screen keys, above which the word "Menu" is displayed. If it is not shown on either of them, press the middle button of the joystick. Find the item "Date and time" in the menu structure. Its location depends on the model of the device, for example: "Settings" - "Options" - "General" - "Date and time".


To change the value of any of the input fields,Move the pointer to it, and then press the middle button of the joystick. Enter a new value from the keyboard, and then click the one from the sub-screen keys that corresponds to the information storage (its name depends on the phone model).


If the "Auto update time" field is selectedOn ", the phone clock will automatically synchronize with the base station clock. Despite the abolition of the transition to winter time, some of these stations are still tuned in the old way, so an error is possible for one hour. But the minutes will always be very accurate - so much so that periodic adjustment is not required at all.


In phones on the Symbian operating systemSet the date and time in the same way. The only difference is in the way the menu is called. Instead of one of the subscreen keys or the middle button of the joystick, use for this purpose a separate key, which shows a solid circle and a hollow square, connected by two arcs.


How to set the date and time in all phonesOn the platform of Windows Phone 7, including the Nokia Lumia series, is unified. First, scroll the desktop to the tab where the "Settings" icon is located. It looks like a white gear on a red background. A menu appears. Select the item "Date + Time" in it. Change the desired parameters. To enable or disable automatic synchronization, respectively, check or uncheck the box "Installed automatically".

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