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How to set the date and time on HTC


How to set the date and time on HTC</a>

Smartphones HTC are among the ten most purchased mobile electronic devices based on the Android operating system.

People who often travel, from time to time, there is a situation where you need to set a new date or time.

This process on smartphones running Android is simple.



In the event that you have a need forChange the date and time, find the button in the form of small boxes 4 * 4 on the main screen of your smartphone in the lower one on the special button bar-bar. On HTC smartphones, it is usually located on the left side. Click on it briefly once.


You are in the menu with program icons. This screen can be scrolled to the right and left. Find the "Clock" icon in the list of other programs. Its location can be changed according to your desire. After running the application, you will see a window with access to various functions.


Now, with a short press, select item"World time". Press the access button to the additional menu on the phone. It has a designation in the form of several horizontal lines. Select the line "Set local time".


Uncheck "Automatic synchronization". If you do not miss this step, the manual time setting will not be available.


Now you can change the date and time using the carousel menu, as well as choose the date and time format that suits you.


In addition, after pressing the access button to the list of programs on the main screens, you can select the "Settings" program.


In the window that appears, select the "Date and time" item. In the window that appears, make sure to uncheck the box "Automatic". You will be able to install and change the date and time.


Click on the "Set Date" item and select the date, month and year in the drop-down box. Confirm the change by clicking the "Install" button.


Select "Set time". After setting the time, also confirm your choice.


In addition, here you can select the time zone, 21 or 12-hour time format and several date formats.


After completing the changes, return to the main screen by pressing the "Home" button or by repeatedly pressing the "Back" key.

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