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How to set the date and time on the HTC

HTC Smartphones are among the ten most purchased mobile electronic devices based on the Android operating system.

People who travel frequently, from time to time a situation arises where you need to set a new date or time.

This process is on smartphones running Android simple.



In that case, if you have a need fordate and time of the change, get on the home screen of your smartphone in the bottom line on a special push-button bar button in the form of small squares 4 * 4. Smartphones HTC is usually located on the left. Click on it briefly once.


You are trapped in a menu with icons of programs. This screen can scroll left and right. Find the icon "Watch" programs in other program list. Its location can be changed at your request. After starting the application you will see a window with access to various functions.


Now, briefly pressing the select list item"World Time". Press the button to access the additional menu in the phone. It is marked in the form of several horizontal lines. Select the line "Set Local Time".


Uncheck "Automatically sync". If you do not skip this step, manual time setting is not available.


Now you can change the date and time using the carousel menu, and choose the date and time format that is convenient to you.


In addition, after clicking on the main screen to access the program list button, you can select the application "Settings".


In the resulting window, select the "Date and Time". be sure to uncheck the box under "Auto" in the window that appears. Setting and changing the date and time will be available to you.


Click on the item "Set date" and select from the drop box, date, month and year. Confirm the change by pressing the "Set" button.


Select "Set time". After setting the time and confirm your choice.


In addition, here you can select the time zone, 21 or 12-hour clock, and some date formats.


After making changes, return to the main screen by pressing the "Home" or by repeatedly pressing the key "Back".

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