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How to set the compass

How to set the compass

The software "Compass" is now known to almost all students of technical schools.

With this program you can do as aLightweight and complex drawings, mock-ups of details and even architectural ideas. "Compass" becomes the second program after Microsoft Word in these educational institutions.

You will need

  • "Compass" software.



Install the program by running Setup.exe. In all windows settle requests and press "Next". After installing the main unit, we need to supplement this module updates and help files. To do this, open a text editor and create a new document. In the body of the document, place the following lines (32-bit):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

«AllowProgrammaticMacros» = dword: 00000001
64-bit version:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

«AllowProgrammaticMacros» = dword: 00000001
Then press the menu? File? - ?Save as? - Give the name of the file AllowWinHelpMacros_32bit.reg?? or? AllowWinHelpMacros_64bit.reg? (For 32-bit and 64-bit version) - Click Save ?. Then run the desired? in the dialog box,? Yes ?.


Right-click on the program shortcut -"Properties" - "Compatibility" - "Run this program in compatibility mode for ...» - Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Tick ​​the option "Disable desktop composition".


Install the necessary fonts that go along with the program:

Vector fonts:

- GOST 2.304-81 type A (font file name gost_a.fon?) -

- GOST 2.304-81 type B (font file name gost_b.fon?) -

- Symbol type A (font file name symbol_a.fon?) -

- Symbol type B (font file name symbol_b.fon?).

Fonts TrueType:

- GOST type A (font file name gost_a.ttf?) -

- GOST type B (font file name gost_b.ttf?) -

- Symbol type A (font file name symbol_a.ttf?) -

- Symbol type B (font file name symbol_b.ttf?).

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