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How to set the alarm with auto start

How to set the alarm with auto start

Remote start the engine with the remote alarm - an essential option in winter. It allows you to warm up the engine to the desired temperature and have to sit in a warm interior.

In extreme cold (below 20C) with a weak battery to start the car remote will not work.

You can program an hourly timer that will start the car after some time on their own.

This will maintain the required temperature of the engine all night to the morning to be got without problems.

You will need

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • pliers
  • Insulating tape
  • Or continuity tester



Basic startup wire connected to the ignition - wire Strater (12V), the ignition 1, 2 ignition, ACC wire (12V appears in the first position of the key).


If the vehicle is equipped with a regular immobilizer,then to the need to buy alarm immobilizer module ( "crawler"). The module is embedded one of the ignition keys. During the remote start the engine with this key information is read and transmitted to the ignition switch.


To auto-alarm, you must connect the motor control wire run. It is connected to the oil sensor, a generator or a tachometer.


Program the alarm unit according to the model instructions. Key positions to program: Select the engine start control, the engine is running, automatic or manual transmission.


From the block connect the wire going to the brake or "hammer." It is needed for emergency relief or kill vehicle engine starting information.

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