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SET pillows Bonfire on the couch

Set Fire pillows on the sofa

Fans of creative and original can decorate your living room pillow unusual composition in the form of fire.

You will need

  • Crepe satin:
  • - Yellow - 0.5 m-
  • - Red - 0.7 m-
  • - White - 0.8 m-
  • - Green (for leaf) -
  • - Gabardine fabric brown (for pillows, logs) - 0.5 m-
  • - Braid thin black - 2-3 m-
  • - sintepon-
  • - Duct tape-



For making a pillow-fire from the insideside of red cloth to draw a silhouette of a fire. Put it under the red white fabric, to finish the flames. Fire small size to draw on a yellow fabric. Cut parts.


For pads-brevnyshek make two rectangles and white crepe satin cut circles with a diameter equal to the width of a log with a seam allowance. Optionally, you can carve out a knot.
Draw on a green tissue paper and cut it out.


Run applique fire: topstitch zigzag stitching detail of a red fire on white, and then red - yellow, pre-chipping their needles.
When ready to be two halves of pillows, stitch along the edge of a sewing machine, leaving open a separate section for eversion.
Remove the pillow, to fill it with synthetic padding and hand-sew the opening portion a hidden seam.


Sew a pillow-a log. Scribbled on braid circles for brevnyshek.
Prepare a piece of paper and a knot, hand sew it to a log.
Sew to detail for circles with annual rings of logs and do along the seam, leaving room for eversion.
Removing the cushions, fill them with synthetic padding, and sew up the hole.

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