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A set of cushions Bonfire on the couch


A set of cushions Bonfire on the couch</a>

Fans of creative and original can decorate their living room with an unusual cushion composition in the form of a fire.

You will need

  • Crepe-satin:
  • - yellow color - 0.5 m-
  • - red color - 0,7 m-
  • - white color - 0,8 m-
  • - green (for the leaf) -
  • - Fabric gabardine brown (for pillows-logs) - 0.5 m-
  • - thin black tape - 2-3 m-
  • - Sintepon-
  • - adhesive tape-



For making a cushion-bonfire, with purlThe sides of a red fabric draw a silhouette of a bonfire. Putting under the red cloth white, finish the flames. Fire small size draw on a yellow fabric. Cut out the details.


For pads-logs make two rectangles, and from white crepe-satin cut circles with an equal width of the log with allowance for seams. If desired, you can cut a knot.
Draw a piece of paper on a green cloth and cut it out.


To execute the fire application: to adjust the detail of the red fire to the white bonfire in a zigzag pattern, and then to the red one - yellow, having previously chipped them with needles.
When both halves of the pillow are ready, they should be stitched along the edge of the sewing machine, leaving a separate area for eversion open.
Unscrew the pillow, fill it with sintepon and manually sew the open area with a secret seam.


Sew the pillows-logs. Set the braid on the circles for the logs.
Prepare a sheet and knot, hand sew it to a log.
Sew to the details for the logs circles with annual rings and make a seam along, leaving space for the twist.
Having turned out pillows, fill them with a sintepon and sew a hole.

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