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Serpentine Robots are replacing surgeons

Snake-like robots are replacing surgeons

One of the most advanced droids, made in the form of a flexible mechanical snake, able to reach the affected patient's organs, penetrating through the throat.

With the help of the operation of any complexity can be performed without incisions.

Today, robots are used increasingly in medicine, especially in surgery. With their help, complex and subtle manipulations are performed more accurately.

The "head" robotozmei installed on ithigh-quality camera, shows a complete picture of the internal condition of the patient. A segments flexibly interconnected allow the device to bend while maintaining overall rigidity.

An unusual device called Flex System, it has createda group of American researchers based at the University of Pennsylvania Carnegie. These robots were originally used in the study of abandoned nuclear power plants.

However, the added improvements allowedunusual machine is not only to study hard to reach places, whether the zone affected by radiation, or the hidden corners of the human body. With the help of flexible surgical instruments attached to "snake", a surgeon can, by controlling the joystick to perform fairly complex procedure.

At first, such serpent planuse, operating region of the pharynx and oral cavity, the further it will apply in more complex cases, for example, in surgical procedures on the heart. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to say exactly when the mechanical snakes will be used everywhere.

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