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SERIAL fire of love

"Fire of Love" - ​​a show about love and hate

The series "Fire of Love" was released in January 2008.

Andrew lumps and Konstantin Serov - the director melodrama.

The entire storyline develops around the life stepsisters: Svetlana and Margarita.

The series "Fire of Love"

Svetlana and Margarita - very different in charactergirl, although lived together for a long time. Svetlana - modest, kind, naive, Margarita - envious and calculating. Svetlana always had bad luck all its failures can be observed from series to series. The girl was accused of setting fire to the garage, her father died in a fire. Svetlana sat for three years in prison. All the while, her visits there, Rita. After his release, Light decides to leave the town, where her father was killed, and moved to his half-sister - Margaret. Rita herself offered to stay with her sister in a quiet, rural town. She promised to help the Light to get stronger mentally after their ordeal. But Svetlana does not know who to blame for the death of his father. It turns out that Margarita had always hated her stepfather and agreed to organize a workshop for the burning of a lot of money. All the secret sooner or later revealed. Svetlana soon finds out the person's name, because of which she had to pay the reputation and freedom.

The series "Fire of Love" came on TV screens thanks to the support of ORT channel. Events are disclosed for 303 series, each of which lasts 50 minutes.

Rita - Seasoned adventurer who longs for moneyand influential acquaintances. Once, on a walk in the woods down the girls throws a couple of young guys who were walking on horseback. Boys decided to switch roles for a day. The driver turned into a millionaire's son and heir to the rich has become a simple driver. Margarita did not miss his chance and began to flirt with the son of a millionaire, not suspecting any trick under these lies. But for Svetlana began courting the true owner of the state - Oleg.

The development of relations between Svetlana and Oleg all the time something interferes with either material inequality, or the machinations of half-sister.

Then events began to twist aroundsincere feeling light and Oleg. Margarita has not been able to accept that this time she was not lucky. Loser Svetlana could from under his nose to lead such a wonderful and most importantly a rich guy. Throughout the series tells about the betrayals, humiliations, insults, bitterness and partings. But apart from the gloomy events have a place light feeling, love the place vicissitudes.


In the series, a large number were involvedactors. The role played by Oleg Mikhail Khimichev, Svetlana played Alain Himicheva, Margarita was Catherine Solomatin. From skill cast largely depends on the success of the picture. Catherine Solomatina managed to convey the contradictory nature of his character, her ambition and passion for life.

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