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SERIAL Avenida Brasil

Brazilian soap operas affect their subjects and duration

The series "Avenida Brasil" was released in 2012.

Brazilian telenovela viewers are very fond of her heroes.

Intriguing plot held the attention of viewers for nearly a year.

series Actors

Throughout the year, the Brazilians followed the fategirl Nina, who was orphaned as a child, how she had to go through all including bullying evil stepmother. The role of Nina sang a famous actress - Débora Falabella. World fame actress has won for his role as Mel in the TV series "Clone". This series was dubbed for the Russian audience. In addition to the main characters of Deborah steel and other famous actors: Adriana Esteves, Murilo Benicio, Kaya Raymond, Eloise Perissa, Marcella Novaes.

"Avenida Brasil" - a touching love story with a happy ending. It raises questions on issues vital choice.

intriguing plot

Carmine - was the name of an evil stepmother. According to her father's fault he killed Nina - Zhenezio. Carmina together with her lover, Max took the girl to live in a landfill. Once they were residents of such an unpleasant place. The girl was lucky, it adopted a wealthy family from Argentina. But all these years, Nina wanted to take revenge for the death of Carmina his father. As an adult she came to Brazil and got the cook in the house of the eminent football player - Typhoon. Carmine Zhenezio after the death of football player managed to seduce and marry him to himself.

Nina, working in the house of his wicked stepmother, becameattached to all family members. It soon became clear that Jorginho - children love Nina, is the son of Carmine. History is gaining new momentum. What to choose: love or revenge? This question is a girl looking for an answer. Decoupling the series was completely unpredictable.

The dramatic story of a simple girl Nina has not left anyone indifferent. a record number of viewers indicators have been established.

179 series have passed as one moment, the audience alreadyaccustomed to the heroes who have discussed the behavior of the characters on the forums and in social networks. We condemn the behavior of the villain Carmine and spared Nina. More than 10 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa have acquired the series for hire. The name of the show was not surprising, as Avenida Brasil - street name in Rio de Janeiro where developed all the most interesting events in the lives of the heroes of the series.

Rental melodrama in Russia

On Russian television series in rolling outin the summer of 2013. After showing the 50 series, the channel's management decided to stop broadcasting because small ratings. How many viewers who were looking forward to the next series, we had the decision not to their liking. But numerous requests and statements with the requirement to continue the show, were not considered. To help in this situation, some responded release of the band, they have helped to translate the rest of the series "Brazilian Offering". For this they are very grateful to a large group of fans of Brazilian soap operas.

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