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Sergei Zverev looked like before plastic surgery

Sergey Zverev has become popular due to its appearance and inner persistence

Sergey Zverev - scandalous star of the Russian show business.

Once it was just a stylist popular artists, but now it became a singer, TV presenter and a regular guest of television programs.

Outside Sergei Zverev during the years has undergonetremendous changes. Sergey, before and after plastic surgery - two different people. Such a conclusion can be made not only on the external image, but also changes in the behavior of the actor.

Popularity Zvereva

Now there is hardly a person in Russia whoI never heard of Zverev. Sergei long labored to popularity came to him. Even 10 years ago, a simple guy from Siberia, no one knew. Sergey graduated from the School of Hairdressing. This skill and helped to break the road to life. He has participated and won a victory in many competitions, exhibitions, including abroad. Soon he noticed Alla Pugacheva and hired a personal stylist.

The rumor of a miracle wizard sold among the star party, and Sergei soon became popular stylist and hairdresser.

on the adjustment of the exterior of Operations

Not only because of his ability to become Zverevpopular. Much of the credit for his flamboyant appearance and behavior. The specific appearance given to man is not by nature - is the result of plastic. It all started with operations on the nose. But she was not done for the sake of the whim of the artist. Sergei was in a serious car accident. As a result, severely damaged the exterior. boys had to completely reshape the nose. As a result, a straight nose became a little upturned. The first operation took place in 1995. Then began a series of plastic surgeries. Correction undergone lip. Sergei wanted her appearance closer to Hollywood. The overabundance of helium made too plump lips, so I had to pump it later.
The man did not suit the shape of the chin and cheekbones. To fix it implanted implants. As a result, completely changed the face oval, the nose, lips, smile. Sergei Zverev grew long hair, the color of which, too, has changed.

Sometimes Zverev hides his brown eyes bright with the help of special lenses.

Sergei Zverev before and after

People who knew the artist prior to surgery, say,he was a very attractive young man with typical Siberian appearance. As a youth, the guy did not stand out from the crowd, he led a modest normal life in the family home. But conversion made him a different person. Now Sergei brightly painted, he wears expensive fashionable clothes, drives a luxury car that is fully consistent with its established image. We can not say that this fame came to him only because of the appearance. Perseverance, work, dedication, sense of humor guy from Siberia have helped him to achieve this state.

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