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How to separate the photo

How to separate the photo

An important skill in creating collages - is the ability to separate the subject from the background or the background of the object.

In Adobe Photoshop you can do so using the channels and manipulation tool "Quick Selection".

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop.



Find the window "Channels" (if it is not available,Click "Window» (Window) - & gt- «Channels» (Channels)). Here is a list of channels: blue, red, green, and combining all three - RGB. To the left of each emblem is to the eye - this means that the channel is visible. Play around with this setting to determine which of the channels through the object contrasts with the background most. In most cases, this channel - blue.


Highlight the selected channel, click on it with the rightclick and in the menu that opens, click on "Create a channel duplicate» (Duplicate channel). Make invisible all the other channels, except for the copy. Press Ctrl + I, to invert it, then Ctrl + L, to open a window level adjustment. Using the settings in this menu, do so in order to become completely black background and the object - white. If you can not completely leave the best, do you think the result.


Hold the Ctrl, move the cursor to the channel icon, withyou spend manipulation in the previous step, and then click on it. On the site selection will be, but in most cases it is not well done. To correct this, take the tool "Quick Selection» (Quick selection tool, hot the W, switching between adjacent elements Shift + W). If you want to add to the isolation of some areas in the tool options bar, select "Add to selection» (Add to selection), if you turn down - "Subtract from selection» (Subtract from selection). Cursor Size "rapid release" can be changed using the buttons "[" and "]". If you made some kind of mistake, use the menu "History" ( "Window» (Window) - & gt- «History» (History)), to return the required number of steps.


To verify the release, dovisible all the other channels, and a copy of the contrary - invisible. If everything is correct, you can transfer the object to another location, for example, to another document. Use this tool "Move» (Move, V).

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