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How to separate a photo


How to separate a photo</a>

An important skill in creating collages is the ability to separate an object from a background or background from an object.

In Adobe Photoshop, you can do this by manipulating the channels and the Quick Selection tool.

You will need

  • Adobe Photoshop.



Find the "Channels" window (if it is not available,Click "Window" -> gt- "Channels". Here is the list of channels: blue, red, green and combining all three - RGB. To the left of each of them is an emblem with an eye - this means that this channel is visible. Play with this setting to determine which of the channels the object most contrasts with the background. In most cases, this channel is blue.


Highlight the selected channel, right click on itClick on the button and click on "Duplicate channel" in the opened menu. Make all channels other than this copy invisible. Press Ctrl + I to invert it, and then Ctrl + L to bring up the level adjustment window. Using the settings of this menu, make the background black and the object white. If it does not work out completely, leave the best, in your opinion, result.


Hold Ctrl, move the cursor to the channel icon, withWhich you manipulated in the previous step of the instruction, and then click on it. A selection will appear on the object, but in most cases it is not performed well enough. To fix this, take the Quick Selection tool (the hotkey W, switch between adjacent Shift + W elements). If you want to add some areas to the selection, select "Add to selection" in the tool settings panel, if you subtract "Subtract from selection". The cursor size of the "Quick Selection" can be changed with the "[" and "]" keys. If you made a mistake, use the "History" menu ("Window" - & gt- "History") to return to the required number of steps.


To verify that the selection is correct,All other channels are visible, and the copy, on the contrary, is invisible. If everything is correct, you can move this object to another location, for example, to another document. Use the "Move" tool (Move, V) to do this.

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