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How to send your photo to mobile phone

How to send your photo to mobile phone

With the help of a mobile phone, you can sendPictures from one cell to another. This is handy, because you can pass unforgettable moments of his life relatives who live far away or are on holiday in another country.

Or you can send a photo to a friend with a picture of where you stay.



Check your phone to connect to the Internet. In modern models of mobile phones setting for transmitting multimedia messages have to be implemented by default. Additional configuration is not required. If the Internet is not connected to a cell, you can go to the Salon or call the information service network, where you will consult specialists. There also will make recommendations on the connection.


Try sending an MMS to another c photosmobile phone. To do this, locate the "View" menu in the cell. Click "MMS messages", then & nbsp- «Start». Add photos that you want to send, it can be found in the "Overview". Select the desired photo. It immediately appears on the screen. It is necessary to specify the number of the required subscriber to send, which you will find in the contact list. Click "Finish", and the message is sent. But there is another version of the transmission of images and photographs.


Locate the desired picture. Next, open the "Options", then "Submit". Select a method for transmitting "The message". This picture you will see a message box. Then find the addressee in the contact list and specify the telephone number. It remains to send the message.


Transfer photos to another mobile phone withvia Bluetooth. This device is often embedded in the phone. Select a photo, click "Options", then press "Submit". In the submenu that appears, locate the Bluetooth. If another device found in the search, you can start the transfer of the image. But remember, the other cell will be found, if the distance from the receiver the phone will not exceed 10 m.

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