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How to send a passport abroad


How to send a passport abroad</a>

Passport and foreign passport by mail can not be sent, in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of postal services".

The maximum that can be done in this situation is to apply to a notary in order to issue a copy of the passport and then put an apostille or conduct a consular legalization.



Contact a notary so that he,Having carefully read the passport, assured him. Be sure to inform him at the assurance that the photocopy will be translated into another language and that an apostille will be stamped on it.


Send certified copies to translators (usuallyTheir office is located not far from the Notary Chamber of the settlement). The interpreter will clarify the correctness of writing (and pronouncing) the name and surname. Not later than 7 days (and sometimes literally on the same day, depending on the urgency of your order and the workload of translators), you will learn the translated documents. Check, in turn, the correctness of writing your name and surname. After that, the interpreter must sign the translation made by him.


Apply again to the notary to ensure that the signature of the translator is authentic, check the correspondence of the translation with the original passport and attach it to the copy already available.


Contact the FRS at the RF Ministry of Justice for statingApostille (certifying stamp of a square form) on a notarized copy of the passport and a translation, if the country to which you send the copy is a party to the 1961 Hague Convention. The procedure takes no more than 5 days (depending on the urgency).


If the country did not join thisConventions, the passport can be certified only through consular legalization. To do this, you will first need to apply to the FRS with the RF Ministry of Justice, then to the bodies of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only then - to the consulate of the country where you are going to send your passport. Please note: the document certified in this way will only have legal effect in this country.


And only after all these procedures you canContact the post office and send a copy of the passport with a letter of declared value. Fill in 2 copies of the form of the inventory, where you specify the name of the addressee in Latin letters and the name of the enclosed correspondence (a copy of the passport). In the declared value column, indicate the total cost of all the procedures for making a copy to the shipment. In order to make sure that the letter has reached the addressee, send a letter with the notification of delivery.

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