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How to send their children to the ballet

How to send their children to the ballet

If the child moves well, loves to dance and does not have a bad stretch, it can be written in a ballet studio.

This will give the opportunity to learn to smooth movements, artistry, and possibly open the door to the theaters.

But it is important to realize that the ballet - this is an art that requires a lot of time.

Experts recommend to start dancing with 3-4years. At this time, it is already possible to see the potential of the child, to assess its capabilities. But it is important to remember that classes will always require regularity, and this is a lie on the shoulders of parents.

How to choose a ballet studio

Dance or ballet studio organized atmusic schools, palaces of culture and schools. They can be very different, and to prepare the child at different levels. Some simply make it possible to create beautiful presentations, but to a professional ballet have no relationship. Others are preparing for entry to further education. Meet with teachers to find out what purpose they put what they want to achieve from children and whether to allow training to continue developing in this direction.
If you want to do ballet main occupationchild, seek professional studio. At the same time, try not to miss a class, help the kid. If ballet is only for the overall development, it is worth paying attention to other things, such as the distance from the home. Long way can tire, exhaust, and the joy of employment will be lower. Important cost of training, it should not be burdensome for the family budget.

Education in Choreography School

Professional ballet training begins withthird and fourth class. It was at this time need to apply for passing exams. These educational institutions are in the big cities, there are usually at their hostel. The competition for a place at least 20 people. And it is important that not only look at the ability to dance, but also on body parameters. There are clear requirements for the dancer looks, and if they do not coincide with the standard, the child has no chance.
Education in Choreography School peculiar,because a lot of dance classes, but the other items are affected significantly. This formation is different from regular schools, and to do after such a study in normal university is too difficult. The child does not receive the necessary knowledge for the entrance exams to the usual profession.
Ballet - a beautiful art that requiresgreat patience and effort. Daily exercise, challenging roles, demanding pose a serious moral burden. And after the release is also a huge competition, because only dancers units achieve fame. Before you give the child to the ballet, think, and whether such a burden to him stronger.

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