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How to give the child to the ballet

How to give the child to the ballet</a>

If the child moves well, loves to dance and has a good stretch, it can be recorded in a ballet studio.

This will provide an opportunity to learn the smoothness of movements, artistic, and perhaps open the door to the stage of theaters.

But it is important to understand that ballet is an art that requires a lot of time.

Beginning to dance specialists recommend with 3-4years. At this time, you can already see the potential of the child, to assess its capabilities. But it is important to remember that classes will always require regularity, and this already falls on the shoulders of parents.

How to choose a ballet studio

Dance or ballet studios are organized withMusical schools, in the palaces of culture and general education schools. They can be very different, and prepare the child for excellent levels. Some simply give the opportunity to create beautiful performances, but do not have a relationship to a professional ballet. Others prepare for admission to further education. Meet the teachers, find out what purpose they set, what they want from the children and whether the training will continue to develop in this direction.
If you want to make ballet the main occupationChild, then look for a professional studio. At the same time try not to miss classes, help the baby. If ballet is only for general development, then it is worth paying attention to other things, for example, remoteness from home. A long road can tire, exhaust, and the joy of studying will be lower. The cost of training is important, it should not be burdensome for the family budget.

Training in a choreographic school

Professional training in ballet begins withThird-fourth grade. It is at this time that you need to apply for the exams. Similar educational institutions exist in large cities, usually with them there is a hostel. The competition for one seat is not less than 20 people. And it is important that they look not only at the ability to dance, but also on the parameters of the body. There are clear requirements for the appearance of the dancer, and if they do not coincide with the standard, the child has no chance.
The training in the choreographic school is peculiar,Because there are a lot of dancing classes, but other subjects suffer much. This education differs from ordinary schools, and it is too difficult to enter after a study in a regular university. The child does not receive the necessary knowledge to pass the entrance examinations for ordinary occupations.
Ballet is a beautiful art that requiresGreat patience and effort. Daily exercises, complex roles, high demands create a serious moral burden. And after the release will also be a huge competition, because only a few dancers achieve fame. Before you give the child to the ballet, think about whether it is feasible for him such a load.

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