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How to send money to the phone

How to send money to the phone

It so happens that an important conversation on the phoneinterrupted, retry to reach the subscriber does not lead to success, as the cute girl's voice on the phone tells you: Insufficient funds for making an outgoing call, fill, please, the balance ?. But how to put money on the phone, if the way you have always been, are not currently available.

Interrupting an important conversation, you can lose a client, or to show themselves on the negative side of a possible future partner.

You will need

  • Phone, money, plastic card, a computer with Internet access.



The most proven way to replenish the balancephone is to use cash, take a trip to a specialty store of mobile phone sales. It said the operator, cell phone number and the amount contributed, you can easily restore their mobile communications. Since you got to the store sales of mobile phones, the on-site purchase card mobile phone payment, they are issued with par value of 100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 rubles are sold at face value, user's card is activated on it.


If there is no specialized stores,go into the first store, some of them sell payment cards. But it may be that the payment card is not, then there is another way to fund your account in cash, the store can be set instant payment terminal, they are quite common, and in addition to the pay phone provides many other services. When using the payment terminal, follow the instructions on the screen.


One way to refill cashlessMobile phone banking is a plastic card is a convenient and secure way to fund your account. Fill up on the phone by means of a plastic card with a balance in several ways. In an ATM, where you usually take off your card, or banking terminal, log into? Pay services of cellular operators? and follow the prompts on the screen. If you do not want to go home, and you have activated the service? Mobile Banking ?, then with help of SMS-commands, you can also recharge your mobile with a credit card. Some banks, such as Sberbank provides a service? Sberbank Online ?, in which you can manage open a bank account in your name, pay for services, including mobile communications.


If you are an active user of the computer andthe Internet in particular, you probably have an electronic purse, and perhaps not one in which there are funds, as they can pay for the services of mobile operators. If the purse is available on the payment terminal that once filled up its balance sheet, you can periodically recharge mobile phone account, and not just his own.

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