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How to send money to your phone


How to send money to your phone</a>

It happens that an important conversation on the phoneThe repeated attempt to get through to the subscriber does not lead to success, since the girl's lovely voice on the phone tells you: "There is not enough money to make an outgoing call, please top up the balance." But how to put money on the phone if the way you have always used is not currently available.

Interrupting an important conversation, you can lose a client, or show yourself on the negative side before a possible future partner.

You will need

  • Phone, money, plastic card, computer with internet access.



The most proven way to replenish the balancePhone is to use cash, take a walk to a specialized cell phone sales store. There, telling the operator, cell phone number and the amount you pay will easily restore your mobile connection. If you have reached the cell phone sales store, you will get a mobile phone payment card at the site, they are issued in nominal value of 100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 rubles, are sold at the nominal price, the card activation instruction is on it.


If there are no specialized shops nearby,Go to the first shop, some of them sell payment cards. But it may turn out that there will be no payment cards, then there is another way to replenish the account in cash, an instant payment terminal can be installed in the store, they meet quite often, and besides the payment for the phone itself, many other services are provided. When using the payment terminal, follow the on-screen instructions.


One of the ways of non-cash account replenishmentMobile phone is a bank plastic card, it is a convenient and reliable way to replenish the account. You can recharge your balance on your phone with funds from a plastic card in several ways. In the ATM, where you usually withdraw money from the card, or at the bank terminal, enter the section "Payment for cellular operators?" And follow the prompts on the screen. If you do not want to leave the house, and you have a mobile banking service, then you can use the SMS command to replenish your mobile account with a bank card. Some banks, in particular Sberbank, provide a service? Sberbank OnL @ yn ?, in which you can manage accounts opened in banks in your name, pay for services, including mobile communications.


If you are an active computer user andInternet in particular, you probably have an electronic wallet, and perhaps not one on which funds are located, they can also pay for the services of cellular operators. If the purse is available on the payment terminal, once replenishing its balance, you can periodically replenish the account of your mobile phone and not only your own.

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