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How to send money from MTS to Beeline


How to send money from MTS to Beeline</a>

The largest telecom operators give their customers the opportunity to transfer funds from one account to another using special numbers.

However, they set one limitation: users can transfer money from the account to the account only within the same network.



Megafon customers for transferring fundsCan use the service called "Mobile transfer". It does not require a special connection, it can be used at any time. To send money to another account, the company provides USSD-request * 133 * the amount of the transfer sent * the number of the recipient-subscriber #. By the way, the last number in this query number you must specify through 7-ku. After the verification procedure, the operator will send a message to your phone containing the individual code. It will also need to be entered when typing the confirmation command * 109 * confirmation code of payment #. As soon as the mobile transfer is carried out, you will receive a sms notification. For the use of the service operator will remove from the sender 5 rubles.


"Mobile transfer" is available not only to subscribersMegafon, but also to the customers of the operator Beeline. In order for a subscriber to receive a money transfer to his personal account, his sender must send a request, and then confirm it. To send such an application, the operator provides a special USSD number with the command * 145 * telephone number of the subscriber * transfer amount #. Remember that the specified number should be presented only in a 10-digit format and in no other. In the amount of payment, too, can only be an integer, and in the currency that the connected tariff plan provides.


Users of MTS network can useService translation, however, it is called "Mobile Transfer" rather than "Direct Transfer." To activate it, two different methods are provided (one of them is one-time, and the second assumes reusable permanent payments). Translation of the first type costs 7 rubles. To send it, use USSD-number * 111 * phone number * amount (from 1 to 300). To regularly replenish the balance of another subscriber, dial * 111 * subscriber's number on the mobile phone's keypad * frequency of payment: 1 - daily, 2 - weekly, 3 - monthly * amount #. MTS does not impose restrictions on the format of the indicated number, so you can write it both through the seven, and through the figure-eight.

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