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How to send money from MTS to MTS

Man with a cell sends money to a friend

Cellular subscribers can help out relatives or friends who have not enough money on your mobile account.

For example, while in the same network, you can quickly send money MTS to MTS.



Simply dial a specialUSSD-command * 112 * (phone number) * (sum) #, to throw money from MTS to MTS. As the amount of transferred funds, you can specify a value from 1 to 300 rubles. Please note that this service is free, but if you are in the MTS coverage area. Otherwise, it costs 7 rubles.


Try to update your account MTS subscriber usingservices "true friend." To activate it you must first register in the "Internet Assistant" online mts.ru, received via SMS password to enter the private office. This password is required to you and to carry out financial transactions. Create a text message indicating it through the gap recipient's phone number, the amount you want to send, and your password, obtained through MTS website. Message send to number 9060. You will arrive some time later notified that the payment carried out successfully received.


You can also send money from MTS to MTSusing the appropriate "Recharge my account" service. To do this, type the command * 116 * (phone number) #. Wait for the subscriber of your request, after which it must perform one of the steps above to send money to your account.

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