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How to send MMS

How to send MMS

MMC - a service that allows you to send / receive multimedia messages, namely, files that contain images, sound and video. This service works in conjunction with the Internet.

The first part of the MMC is on a server in your cellular carrier, the second is sent to you automatically when you connect the WAP.

If you have not configured the Internet, you receive a message from an operator, which reported a link where your incoming MMS.



To send MMC, Make sure the settings are correct WAP, because without them you can not be sent.


Next, go to the phone menu, select the tab "Messages". You will see a list of where you need to click on the option "New Post".


select "Message MMS» In the window that opens. In a multimedia message, the form you need to click on the field, followed by open list consisting of multiple values, such as text, picture, video, sound, etc. Select the desired item, such as "picture".


Next, open a list of places from which you canmake a choice: memory card, phone memory, or make a new photo. Clicking on one of the items and select the desired image, click "Choose". Next picture is inserted into the mold MMC. Then click "Submit".


also send MMC It can be another way. To do this, go to your phone's menu and select the tab "Gallery" or "Files."


Find the file you want, then open it. Below the display you will see the message "Options", click on the button below it. A list, then select the "Transfer" - "Message MMS». you selected file will be added to the form.

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