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How to send a free SMS to MTS online


Send sms to MTS for free</a>

If your mobile phone runs out of money or you want to keep confidential when sending a message, you can send a text message to MTS for free via the Internet online.

You will need

  • - access to the Internet-
  • - telephone number of MTS subscriber.



To send a free SMS to MTS, go to the official website of the mts.ru operator. In the section "Private customers" open the item "Send SMS / MMS".


Before you open the form of the message. Fill in SMS, phone number and phone number of MTS subscriber. Please note that only the MTS subscriber can send a message through the site, and the message length can not exceed 140 characters in Latin and 50 in Cyrillic.


Before sending a free SMS to MTS, you canEnable additional options. The message can be translated automatically into the Latin alphabet using automatic transliteration, send a group of subscribers (up to 30 people), send it to the date and time set on the site. If you select the SMS-Express function, the message will suddenly appear on the subscriber's phone screen over all open applications and will not be saved in the phone's memory. When selecting the SMS-Secret service, the SMS can be opened only with a special password.


Answer the question of the messaging system, helping to make sure that you are a living person, not a robot. After clicking the "Next" button, a free SMS on MTS will be sent.


If you are not a MTS subscriber, and sendYou need a message to the person using the number of this operator, you can use the messenger. For example, the programs Mail. Agent, ICQ, QIP. To send SMS to MTS for free, select the contact, right-click on the contact and press "Send SMS". If necessary, enter the subscriber's number, write the message and send it.


Use the service of Internet sites that send messages. Send sms to MTS for free, for example, through the resources freesms.net, smste.ru, ipsms.ru and others.

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