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How to send SMS on the line number

How to send SMS on the line number

Often there is no way to reach the destination on the line number. It is much easier to send a short message.

Moreover, the subscriber location is irrelevant.

With modern technology it can be done very simply.

You will need

  • - cellular telephone-
  • - a computer-
  • - Internet access-
  • - The money in the account.



Send an SMS from your mobile phone. The simplest, but often expensive way - to send the message to the recipient directly from your cell phone. Everything, of course, depends on where the receiving side. Click on the "Messages" function, "Write" and enter the desired text. Click "Submit". If you have set up a special function, then after a while you get a delivery report.


Use skype. There is another paid and quite popular way - sending messages to a cell phone via voice Skype. Download it in any search engine and install itself on the computer. Refill your account at any terminal or using the "Visa" card. Ten euros per month you can send unlimited number of SMS worldwide. It is very convenient!


Open the Skype main window and go to the toppanel in the "View" chapter. Next, click on the "calls on the phone." After you see to the right a large board with the numbers. Enter the number in the top line. In the lower right corner click sms. Write what you want to send. At the end click on "Submit». & Nbsp-Soon message reaches the recipient's phone.


Use the service send free sms smste.ru. The Internet has many sites from which you can send free message. Start with this service. With it you can send sms to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, without any restrictions. On the main page you will see 4 fields to fill. At first, enter the recipient's phone number, then - a message, a picture (if necessary), and more recently - captcha. Click "Submit". All the transaction is completed.


Try the online version of the messaging withusing sms.prikoli.net/smsotpravka site. Apart from Russia and the Ukraine, you will be able to deliver SMS to Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova and other CIS countries. Click under the desired country code of the operator on the cell phone you want to make a shipment. Act according to the previous scheme. The operation takes only a few seconds.

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