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How to send a report by mail


How to send a report by mail</a>

Currently, it is allowed to submit reports to the Tax Service or the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation via mail.

This method is very convenient, because it avoids long queues, but at the same time can cause a number of misunderstandings, if not follow the rules prescribed in the legislation.

You will need

  • - the envelope-
  • - a list of investment-
  • - Form of notification of delivery.



Read article 80 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation,Which regulates the procedure for sending the report by mail. Fill in the entire report and go with him to the nearest post office. Receive from the employee of mail or take on the information desk a special form for making an inventory.


Fill in all the columns of the form, listing allSent documents indicating their quantity and value. The inventory form, according to Article 198 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is signed by the head of the enterprise or by a person who has a power of attorney to submit a report to the Tax Service or the Pension Fund.


Give the post office employee twoA copy of the completed inventory form and all the documents, so that he verifies the correctness of the filling. The postal service will verify both copies, one of which lies in the envelope, and the other remains with the sender.


Purchase an envelope and a notification form. Fill out the address of the recipient, which must correspond to the inspection of the Tax Service or the branch of the Pension Fund, for which your enterprise is assigned. Specify the address of the sender, i.e. Address of the company.


Pass the envelope with the reports to the post employee,Which will put a postmark on it. In accordance with clause 2.2 of the regulation, which is approved by Order No.BG-3-06 / 76 of the RF Tax Ministry of February 4, 2004, it is established that the date of the report is considered to be the date of the actual dispatch of the letter. Keep the receipt for payment and receipt, which should indicate the time of receipt of the letter. Check the accuracy of the stamp print, as well as the legible date on the receipt.


Keep the list of postal items, receiptAnd notification of the receipt by the addressee of your letter with the report. These documents will help you in case of disputes and disagreements with the authorities to whom the reporting was sent.

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