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How to send a report by mail

How to send a report by mail

Currently allowed to submit reports to the Tax Service or the Pension Fund by mail.

This method is very convenient, as it allows to avoid long queues, but at the same time can cause a number of misunderstandings, if you do not follow the rules prescribed in the legislation.

You will need

  • - the envelope-
  • - Inventory form vlozheniy-
  • - Form of delivery notification.



Check with Article 80 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation,which regulates the sending mail report. Please complete the reporting instrument and head with him to the nearest post office. Get the employee to take or mail the information desk for a special form of drawing up an inventory.


Fill out the whole form, listing allsent by documents indicating their quantity and value. Blank inventory in accordance with Article 198 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, signed by the director or the person who has power of attorney to report the change to the Tax Service and the Pension Fund.


Give the employee of the post office twocopies of the completed form and the inventory of all the documents that he has checked the correctness of filling. The Postal Service will reassure both copies, one of which lies in the envelope, and the second is from a sender.


Get the envelope and form of notification. Fill in the recipient's address, which should match the Internal Revenue Service or the inspection department of the Pension Fund, for which fixed your business. Enter the address of the sender, ie, Company address.


Pass the envelope with reports employee-mail,which will put on it the postmark. In accordance with para. 2.2 of the Rules, which was approved by order №BG-3-06 / 76 Tax Ministry dated February 4, 2004, established that the delivery date of the report is the date of the actual sending letters. Keep a receipt and payment, which must be specified when receiving the letters. Check the sharpness of the imprint stamp and legible date of receipt.


Keep an inventory of postal items, a receiptand acknowledgment of receipt of your letter with the report destination. These documents will help you in case of disputes and disagreements with the authorities, which statements are sent.

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