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How to send a card by letter


How to send a card by letter</a>

With e-mail, you can not only conduct business correspondence, exchange photos, messages, music and video files, but also send beautiful greeting cards.



One of the most convenient services for sendingPostcards by e-mail - the project "Postcards@Mail.Ru", which presents a large catalog of thematic postcards. To enter it, go to the main page of the project. On the opened page in the right upper part of the window in the corresponding field, select "Occasion" by clicking on the button and indicating in the drop-down box, for what occasion you are going to send a postcard. The list suggests quite a variety of reasons: the end of the working week, for all cases, wishes, congratulations, caution, invitation, recognition, greeting, just like, Victory Day, Christmas, Baptism and many others. Choose the most suitable one for you.


In the special column "To whom" indicate who exactlyYour message will be intended: to a colleague, brother, sister, lover, etc. In the "What" line, note that you are going to send to the user: flash-card, Brizantin, magic, auto, seasons, cities, etc.


After you select a picture, click onHer mouse and go to the next page, where you can choose for the postcard suitable design: background, melody. To do this, in the top line above the picture, make appropriate changes in the "Background", "Pattern", "Melody" items.


Also you can add a picture from your ownAccount in My World. To do this, click the button "Add from" My World ", and then choose the location of the image to be saved: from the computer, from the album to the social network, from the web camera or from the Internet.


After all the changes are made, in theIn the left part of the window on the page in the column "To", specify the name of the recipient and his e-mail address. If the postcard is intended for several people, click the "+" sign below the recipient's address and enter the address of another user in the additional opened window.


In the bottom box, write the message text. If necessary, make out the text, selecting for it the appropriate font, size, color, location on the page, add emoticons.


Under the text box is a row withThe inscription "When to send". To the left - next to the date field - is the icon representing the calendar. Click on it and in the drop-down box specify the date of sending the postcard.


Below, put (or remove) a check mark in front of"Notify me about viewing" and "Obtain a copy of the postcard". Once again, check the spelling of the email address of the recipient, subtract the text of the message, and then click the "Send" button.


Similar opportunities for sending postcards andCongratulations are available on other services: "Yandex", "Rambler". The principle of operation for sending a postcard is similar to that described above. If you want, you can add a photo or any other file to the postcard by clicking the "Attach files" button.

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