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How to send letters


How to send letters</a>

To date, there is a fairly effective way to organize your own distribution using specialized servers, such as Subscribe.Ru, MailList.Ru, Content.Ru, etc.

This is very convenient, because such services are notOnly provide a constant flow of subscribers, but also provide ready tools for maintaining mailings. But which server should I choose for mailing organization? Let's take a look at the mailing list using the MailList.Ru example.

This service for sending letters has an entireA number of advantages: takes care of all the costs of providing subscriptions and unsubscribing users, technical organization of mailings, as well as delivering letters to subscribers in the desired encoding and format.

In addition, there are daily statistics on the number of signers and unsubscribers.

You will need

  • Service MailList.Ru



Prepare the newsletter in 2 HTML and TXT formats. Most subscribers choose the HTML version, but forget about the remaining users, too.


If you are distributing viaWeb-interface, Russian text, prepare in the format Windows-1251. Next, in the special fields, enter the subject and the text of the mailing, click "Send". That's all: the newsletter is queued.


If you do the mailing by mailProgram, just attach the files with the txt- and html-version to the letter. In the body of the letter, write down the password received at registration, your e-mail and specify the subject of the mailing. Do not forget that the letter should be in plain text format, and the attached files? In the KOI-8 encoding.


When choosing a name for your mailing list, tryFind the most memorable and original version. Destroy stereotypes, it always attracts attention. This concerns not only the content, but also the form. For example, instead of the letter? S? You can use the $ or @ character instead of the letters? A ?.


An important role for attracting the maximum number of subscribers is the description of your mailing list. Do not make the description too long: formulate three or four capacious phrases reflecting the essence of the mailing.


The frequency of the distribution depends on the nature of theInformation contained therein. If this, for example, is a news line, then the issues are likely to be daily. And information about new products in the product line of the cosmetics company is enough to send out a couple of times a month.


As for the size, here is one tip: do not create large in volume issues. 20-30 KB? Here is the most optimal size of mailing in HTML format.


To facilitate the perception of information, break upRelease on thematic blocks. The standard version includes such sections as news, publications and communication with subscribers. But you can develop your own mailing structure based on its subject matter.

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