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How to send a letter

How to send letters

To date, there is a very efficient way of organizing its own distribution through specialized servers such as Subscribe.Ru, MailList.Ru, Content.Ru and others.

It is very convenient, because such services are notonly provide a constant flow of subscribers, but also provide a ready means for conducting rassylok.No which server is selected for the organization of the distribution? Let's look at sending letters to MailList.Ru example.

The service for sending letters has a wholea number of advantages: covers all costs to ensure subscriptions and unsubscribe users, the technical organization of mailing and delivery of letters to subscribers in the desired format and encoding.

In addition, there is carried out daily statistics on the number of subscribe and unsubscribe.

You will need

  • service MailList.Ru



Prepare the newsletter in 2 formats, HTML and TXT. The majority of subscribers choose the HTML-version, but for the remaining users forget to also not worth it.


If you make a newsletter viaweb-based interface, the Russian text cook in the Windows-1251 format. Further, the specific field and make the topic Mailing text, click? Send ?. That's all: sending queued.


If you make a newsletter via e-mailprogram, simply attach the file c txt- and html-version of the letter. The body of the email list the password received when registering your e-mail, and select the topic distribution. Do not forget that the letter should be in plain text format, and attachments? in KOI-8.


Choosing a name for your mailing list, tryfind the most memorable and original version. Destroy stereotypes, it always attracts attention. This concerns not only the content but also the form. For example, instead of the letter? S? You can use the symbol $ or @ instead of letters? a ?.


An important role for the involvement of the maximum number of subscribers to play a description of your mailing. Do not make the description too long: specify three or four capacious phrases that reflect the essence of the mailing.


The frequency distribution depends on the naturethe information contained therein. If, for example, news ticker, the issues are likely to be daily. And information about new products in the product line of cosmetics company to send a couple of times a month is enough.


In terms of size, there is one advice: do not create large-volume issues. 20-30 KB? Here the optimal size of the mailing in HTML format.


To facilitate the perception of information breakrelease into thematic blocks. The standard version includes sections such as news, publications and communication with subscribers. But you can develop your own distribution structure, in terms of its subject matter.

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