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How to send a file by e-mail

How to send a file by e-mail

Today it is possible to communicate by sending e-mails, and create websites, manage your business using the Internet. The possibilities are many.

One of these opportunities is the transfer of files from one computer to another. There are many ways, but one of the best can be called exchange of information via email.

This method is most common among the mass of Internet users.

You will need

  • Required file mailbox.



Send a file can be in 2 ways:

- Via e-mail program operating system-

- Web Based email clients.

To send the file you selectthrough e-mail program on the mailbox you must select the file and click the right mouse button. In the context menu, select the? Send? (Send) -? Destination? (Mail Recipient).
In the window that opens, select the recipient of the message. Enter the email subject and message, if necessary. In this window, you can see that your letter has been attached file. Click? Send ?.

How to send a file by e-mail


To send the file you selectWeb Based email client must be in the Internet browser to open your mailbox. Before that you must enter in the mail by entering a username and password. Press? Write a letter? (Send). Perform the same steps as when you send a file via e-mail program of the operating system.

How to send a file by e-mail


Some anti-virus products is strictlyrefer to the attached letter files. At negative results of anti-virus scanning of files, the antivirus blocks the opening of these files. Therefore, when sending letters to take a little more of your time. It takes time backup of your files. Add a file to the archive? .zip? it is possible through the menu? Send? - Compressed zip-folder ?.

How to send a file by e-mail

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